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I just got the greatest news on the 16 yr old blind chow mix that was dumped at a high kill shelter in Georgia, Spaulding County Animal Control Shelter!!
Saving Furry Friends application for the blind chow has been approved and Sarah from Warner Robins Animal Rescue is going to get him today!!! Great news SAVING FURRY FRIENDS and WARNER ROBINS ANIMAL SHELTER are working together to go pull this sweet guy from the shelter today!
Thank you Chris for all your help, information and updates and thank you SFF and Warner Robins!! Donations are coming in, slowly but surely, and I have no doubt the goal will be reached shortly. Caroline has a wonderful set up in rural Virginia with acreage and plenty of room for the dogs and will be making special provisions for this guy so that he is safe and well cared for, well loved, gets plenty of attention. Sara from WR just picked up the chow and it’s obvious that no one was made aware of the shape he was in. He is not stable to travel right now so until he is Sara will personally be taking care of him. Everyone say your prayers for Morgan, that the vet finds nothing serious like heartworm, and that some good food and some loving care will put him on the road to recovery.
Right now they’re waiting for the results of the heartworm test to see how bad it is and other blood tests. Now this does not include the travel expenses that Sara incurred or the fees in getting Morgan out of the shelter. At the moment, SFF has a total of 18 dogs and 4 puppies, which will soon be going to their new homes. Anyway, just wanted to take a minute to give a little bit on the financials so those of you who have so kindly and generously donated know where the money is going and what is being done with it and also wanted you know know a little about the home that Morgan will be going to when she is ready. I do have some pic but I warn you, as Sara said, this has got to be the ugliest haircut ever!! As it is, aside from the heartworm, which is being treated just fine so far, Morgan is doing great, getting around well and you can just tell she wants to be part of life.
I know that Sarah is in college as well as working with rescue and taking caring of pups but I'll drop her and email and ask for an update. Harold Klemp writes in his book, ANIMALS ARE SOUL TOO!, "Until we see animals as Soul, we will miss much of what they have to teach us. My Mission Deanna RaekeDog Lover & Proud Pet ParentPassionate when it comes to my canine companions as well as dogs everywhere, it's my mission to raise awareness of any issues that affect them, from their health, food and nutrition and training to their welfare. Saving Furry Friends will be taking this senior into their program, and I (Sarah from Warner) am going to be pulling him and foster him at my home until they have more space available at SFF.
And I want to thank everyone who worked to get the word out and who cared enough to make this happen. In the midst of picking up her son and trying to take two dogs she just rescued to the vet she made time to talk to me and let me know what was going on.
She said he will not be adopted out because of the special care he will need, with the one possible exception of Sara from WR. Yes, he is blind, but he’s also deaf and lame, the poor guy can barely even stand let alone walk. He’ll being getting the regular routine of shots but will also be having additional tests for his care. Caroline does have experience in dealing with dogs who have problems and is already getting things prepared for Morgan.
Sara report that she feels great with her new haircut, she’s moving around well, showing interest in things and even got that tail wagging last night!
The had to clip her to the skin because the matting was so severe so our girl is bald and very skinny. From an almost lethargic and terrified dog to an alert, curious and pretty mobile girl in just a matter of days. Hodges will be keeping a close eye on her to make sure she continues to tolerate the heartworm treatments and that no other problems arise. Hodges for a quick follow-up visit (Caroline wanted me to pass along that the cost was $66 so you all know where the $$ you are so generously giving are going) and Dr. Sara was out today picking up doggie stuff and ran into the trainer who trained her other dogs and started talking about Morgan. Canine advocacy is something that everyone who cares about dogs needs to be aware of and we all need to share that and raise our voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.
If you would like to help, please leave donations at either of our pages (chip in link above), all collected money will go to getting this old guy the vet care and transportation and grooming that he needs. If she falls in love with him, as long as she meets all of Caroline’s stringent adoption requirements, she would be the only exception. She took him but they couldn’t fit him, so she has a appt set up with the groomer and vet tomorrow. He was so scared when they put him in my car that his little teeth chattered the entire 2 hour drive back home.
Hodges said Morgan was doing so well that he was joking with Sara that she couldn’t be the same dog that he saw on Tuesday!
If you can not donate please repost this and help us spread the word that we are all team working to get this guy to a safe and comfortable forever home where he deserves to live out his life!
She did do her best to cut some of the worst of the mats off of him and clean him up some to make him comfortable. Morgan had a grooming appointment for earlier this evening, but due to my horrible map skills we missed the appointment and have made another for first thing tomorrow. Hodges at Critter Fixers in Bon Aire, GA, feels that Morgan is strong enough for the treatment and will be starting on a 6 month regime to take care of the problem!
He is feeling much better now that he is in a safe environment, compared to the shelter he was pulled from. If the vet who is evaluating his him feels he is strong enough to withstand the treatment, they should be able to take care of it.
As Caroline said, they would not put him through six months of hell for possibly just a matter of months to live after.
I have a friend that just started grooming and he is going to go see her at 11:30 she is going to see what she can do and just try her best. Morgan looked pretty content and cozy in the pix ?? and his dinner didn’t look too bad either. His comfort is a priority, he’s been through enough, now is his time to be love and cared for. That is what she is being rewarded with for potty training, and for approaching people rather than always being approached. I guess she has decided that she wants to make friends now ?? She got a collar today, you can see her in it in the pics.
He has eaten dinner for me, but before he could even think about going potty before he was knocked out asleep due to his stressful day.
He met one of my submissive female dogs and had to show off for her by wobbling like a peg legged pirate all over the back yard. He is still pretty scared I was filthy yesterday when I picked him up and carrying him around only made me nastier, but by the end of last night he knew my smell and had no problem with me petting him and picking him up. In the five days that she has been with me, I feel like every morning I wake up to a new dog. Keep little Morgan in your prayers, and once again, thanks to all that have been wishing her the best and helping her situation.

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