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Then there's the begging, pleading and haggling quickly followed by a call or two home to the Motherland. Toddlers make it look so easy- at least the interrogation they come at you with while you're sitting on the toilet for the first (and likely last) time that day. Me: If you pee in the potty, I'll give you 1 candy pumpkin and a sheet of Spiderman stickers! Me: If you pee in the potty, I'll give you 3 candy pumpkins, a sheet of Spiderman stickers, the keys to my Suburban and you can be the Executor of Mommy and Daddy's will, OK? I'd like to take a minute to blame my first child for making potty training look like a goddamned walk in the park. If asked, I'd bet he would now solve world peace AND figure out how to pay our national debt for just one back of those deliciously expensive chocolate morsels.

As I was saying earlier, potty training a toddler really is a lot like negotiating with terrorists. I've found myself trying to freeze certain moments to memory these last few days more so than ever before. There are always things you swear you'll do differently the second time around when it comes to raising your kids. Four days on that roller coaster of emotions and we rid ourselves of every diaper in the house and never once looked back.
I tried everything- stickers, special quality time, the ever-popular M&M and nothing motivated him.
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Despite our success, there were many, many times that I wasn't sure I was going to make it. The lack of finding The Great Motivator eventually led to The No Attending of The Pre-school as the one rule regarding school readiness was the big PT (Potty-Trained).

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