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So I have been a HORRIBLE blogger and haven't posted all the awards and memes I've been tagged for lately, SO here's my catch up post!
Thursday night as I was driving to my DSAMT board meeting, I realized it was the first time in a long time that I was in a car, by myself, with no one asking to watch cartoons in the back seat! NEVER in my blogging life, did I think I would ever have a post called "Bladder control", but seriously, it's the most fitting title I could think of!Sincess Kennedy is too smart for her own good, I think. On the way to school yesterday I was talking to Kennedy's Speech Therapist on the phone confirming her appointment for later in the day.
Somehow I doubt Ds factored into it!)leukemia and divorce statistics(This I can maybe see a little more… but still!)gi doctors in cincinnati(I can only speak for one, Dr. Don't get me wrong, Kassidy is AMAZING, but lately I find myself losing my patience with her more often than I would like.
LOL) and when her strep test came back positive I asked them to test Kameron and he of course was positive too even though he had no symptoms.
It just so happens that her son Trig happens to have a common bond with Kennedy - Down syndrome.
Frank had been home visiting from AIT (tech school in Virginia) a few weeks before, and viola!
She also has an older son in the Army, which means she'll be looking out for us Military families! EnjoyYears ago, on the mighty Mississippi River, two tugboat captains who had been friends for years, would always cry "Aye!" and blow their whistles whenever they passed each other. LOLKennedy and Keeghan are finally over their sickness and didn't get strep from the big kids, thank goodness! For example, I could say, "Kassidy, go put your clothes away in your drawers." And Kassidy will wander around, pick up her shoes or her backpack or do something else first.

Be sure to go check it all out if you haven't been there in awhile!Kass and Kam are enjoying school. YAY!!!" And then we clap and cheer and then she asks, "CANDY?!" Yes folks, I will be handing out M&M's every time she pees for YEARS I bet!
The new digital pregnancy tests had just come out so I went and bought one ok, ok I bought three to try it out. At this time, she is a single mom managing 4 children on her own, one with special needs, while her beloved husband is overseas protecting our country. Kameron goes to the feeding clinic at Vandy on Tuesday to see if they can get him to eat more than 5 foods, so please be praying that goes well.
With Kass I was admitted to the hospital during my second trimester where I slept with an ice blanket on as they tried to get my fever down.
He said, "Seriously Renee, I know this frustrates you, but what about when I ask you to do something? Then you can read about all the other songs and stories that are posted.Since this is my very first TSMS post I decided to post the song, "Freely, Freely". I picked this song because it was the VERY first song I performed solo in church when I was 4 years old. Sometimes she does stay dry when we're gone but she's going to have to learn to tell me, and tell me in enough time to get her to the bathroom, especially if we're driving or something.
Next week I promise to do something more contemporary, but I figured I may as well start at the beginning! I kept telling my OB they HAD to be pregnancy related because I never got ear infections normally.
And later I will talk to Kassidy again and we'll figure out a way for both of us to be better listeners.

I did the AFP test at the suggestion of my doctor, but I was only 24 and she assured me I had nothing to worry about. She said: "A blog about being a busy mom to four beautiful children and battles with leukemia and Down's Syndrome, and also being a wife to a military man.
I had instant dreams of matching outfits and tea parties and the girls staying up late at night to talk about boys (you know, when they were 20 or so!).
At one point during the ultrasound, the tech stood up and walked out of the room without a word. I remember thinking, "Oh no, something's wrong." But she came back after a few minutes, assured me everything was fine, and we moved on. I can't watch scary movies or I'll be up all night thinking someone is breaking into my house.4. In February, Frank returned from Iraq and came to California to get us and move us to Tennessee.
If it's late at night and I have to get something from my car I always call someone on the phone while I am outside in case someone kidnaps me.
In March, Kameron was diagnosed with Autism (another story for another day) and we worked to get him settled with Early Intervention before Kennedy was born.

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