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Gus is adorable, as hector and season says watch him learn his signs, take him out on a schedule, its takes a lot of time and patience.
So no rubbing his nose in anything (not saying you would but some people do) and give him lots of praise when he does do his business outside. She still rings it (4 years later) when I'm not there to notice she's sitting by the door (i.e. The Mastiff belongs to the general group known as Molossus, and while little is known of their absolute origins these powerful dogs have been around since written history began and were once used as guards, war dogs and fighting dogs. Do not consider owning one of these huge dogs unless you have ample space and can afford to feed a high-quality diet. Despite its bloody history, the Mastiff is the most amiable dog - a gentle giant, calm, intelligent and extremely loyal.

The Mastiff is heavy-boned with a large square head viewed from all angles and a short muzzle cut off square. Puppies need quality food with a high-protein content and plenty of easy exercise, although no stress should be placed on joints until the bones have ossified at around two years old.
Potty Training ProblemsAs with any endeavor, there is usually something that doesn't go the way you want it to go.
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This dog improves in character the closer it gets to its owners but care must be taken to train it and control its strength.

When Julius Caesar invaded Britain, he brought his own Mastiff-style war dogs (Epirus Pugnaces), which were beaten by the huge, aggressive British dogs (Cornish Canis Pugnaces).
If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact us. Used originally as a boar hunter and then for security, bull baiting and dog fighting, the breed slowly deteriorated and fell into disfavour until after World War II when there were only eight Mastiffs left in Britain.

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