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Sometimes we forget that the kids are very different, and each one progresses at their own speed.
My wife and I call Lily the monkey, but we’ve also made the disturbing realization that Lily is a lot like a cat. Missy also had some bad behavior issues, which included urinating on clothes, corners, bathroom mats, and beds. Since Lily turned three years old late last month, my wife and I have been attempting to potty train her. This lifestyle blog is about the lovelier side of domesticity, a combination of suburb and urban living, and my journey through sanctification. Like and Follow me on Facebook!*All content and images copyright © 2009-2013 A Girl In Transit all rights reserved. So, from what I've read you can expect a puppy to hold it's bladder for it's age in months plus 1. Our 3 month old is almost perfectly potty trained when we're at home and able to let him out frequently. They can hold poo for much longer than pee, assuming there are no poo issues going on (ie diarrhea). If he jumps on it (which he rarely does) it just moves but it is EXTREMELY hard to knock over. We were frustrated by the lack of a truly waterproof car seat cover that was comfortable for kids, but you didn't have to spend an hour taking apart a car seat each time you wanted to put it on or take it off. This works well at preventing the seat from getting wet, or if you forgot to do that and there is an accident, you can change the child, put this down, and have a dry surface for them to sit on while you continue to travel.
We were delighted to find this--much thanks to the smart and savvy developers of this product! worth every penny (Sep 10, 2009) Reviewer: Rachel these work very well, especially for those long trips when accidents are definitely going to happen.

Saying goodbye to nappies is the first key step on the course to becoming a 'big kid', and using Huggies® Pull-Ups® make potty training more fun and easier. I made some salty snacks to keep her thirsty (to trigger more peeing) and then set up outside play activities for her and we just hung out and soaked up the sun. My son will be three in June and I might as well ask him to cut off his own arm before I ask him to go on the potty!!!!
I don't think that rule applies at all; I did my best to take him out every half hour to an hour max and every time we went out, he would go like it had been ten hours. We successfully employed this on a 27-day driving trip with our children and it worked wonderfully.
Intended to give confidence, Pull-Ups® are just like ordinary underwear with super stretchy sides which are trouble-free for your toddler to pull up and down. We’ve had four weeks of accidents in the bed, accidents in the bathroom, accidents at school, accidents in the living room. Finally, after researching and speaking to professionals, it seemed the bad behavior at her age was ingrained, and we wouldn’t be able to get her successfully adopted.
After seeing on FB a few friends and family playing around with the idea of potty training I decided to read up on it. Eli has had 0 potty accidents in his crate ever and I def left him for about 3 hours at this age. The fading graphics wetness indicator on the Pull-Ups® is a really helpful tool to help little ones learn the disparity between wet and dry. I swear to you that we even caught her once licking her arm for no apparent reason, so was she grooming, feline-style?
After spending the past two weeks blotting and cleaning urine from the floor, the couch, clothes, the and the bathmat, I experienced my Missy flashbacks.

Most of my 3 month olds can easily make it 7-8 hours through the night but only an hour or so during they day while they are up and about. We can’t keep buying diapers, and this girl is moving up to the next classroom in a couple of months. Some people start as early as a newborn and then others don’t start until age 3 or even older! All of her accidents were outside so I didn’t really have much of a mess to clean up.
You do not want him to associate the crate with this smell or you are teaching him the crate is his potty spot.
Also it really helps to exercise before putting them in the crate, that way hey are tired and want to sleep and will be less likely to bark or stay away and realize they need to potty. If you have to leave him that long, I'd make a crate and xpen setup or put the crate in a small room like a mud room where the pup can go out of the crate to pee on nearby potty pads. At this age, no forced exercise, but just taking him out for some sniffing time or playing should knock him out for a bit. You can also try leaving music on or getting one of those DAP plug ins to encourage the pup to sleep while you are gone.
They are young enough not to be attached to solely using diapers, but old enough to use a potty with training.

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