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TheBABYBJRN Potty Chair is ergonomically designed with soft shapes, having toddler girls in mind!
You will always miss certain aspects of your boy as he grows up but changing his nappy every day will not likely to be one of them. Is your boy in a stable and fairly predictable routine, and not experiencing a big change in his life or usual routine, like the arrival of a new baby, change in daycare, or family move?
Is showing you, either with his facial expressions or his posture, that he is about to urinate or have a bowel movement? Is your boy trying to imitate what other children or family members are doing, especially using the potty? A few weeks, or even months, before you think you will start toilet training, make a potty chair available to your boy so that he or she can get used to it.
Play with the potty, sit over it (with diapers and dresed), read him stories while he is using it like a chair!
Make a game were all his preferred toys (dolls, cars, airplanes, etc) want to go to the toilet.
Show your boy a stack of diapers and explain that starting, there will be no more need for diapers and that he can be naked and diaper-free.
Some potty training boys can be taught the ways of using the potty from as young as 18 months old, while others may not be ready until they are 36 months.
The time for you to start potty training boys is when they start to show interest in doing the deed.

So, knowing that he himself was not eager to change things, I read a little in preparation- remember that I did not actually potty-train my daughter, my mother-in-law did. I printed off a potty chart and had matching stickers- I taped the chart at Luke’s eye level in the bathroom. On days 4 and 5, Luke started to tell me he needed to tee-tee and was more willing to try without complaint. Like Gina Ford said, I should have had 2 matching potty seats- Luke definitely preferred one over the other, but after success, he was fine with either.
I still have both seats out so Luke can go himself- it has been nice since I’ve been sick.
Having a good attitude- sadly, I owe this to extremely low expectations, but I rarely got frustrated during this process, even when he dribbled urine everywhere all the time.
Disclaimer: As an Amazon associate, if you buy the book I linked to, I will receive some {paltry} amount of cash. Even though it was years ago I was so concerned when it was time to potty train our daughter.What a Blessing that my sister-in -law had already had two children and told me about a book called Potty Training In A Day. I just keep getting hung up on the fact that everyone USED to potty train SOOOOO much earlier than we do now-a-days. Rachel- I have often wondered the same thing about why this generation is so much slower to do things (meaning us with our kids).
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It features a high back, comfortable armrests, and plenty of leg room all of which has made it a hit with both children and parents.
Thispink potty chairalso has an inner potty that is easily removed for emptying and cleaning. If you have a young boy that has 2 - 3 years of age, you will be relieved to know your boy can potty train very quickly as long as you follow some basic rules! Potty training boys is a much easier task than changing him like you did whilst he was still a baby.
Present this as a fun and exciting development, Fellom advises, as in, "When these are all gone, you don't have to wear diapers anymore! Boys will stay in their nappies longer than girls do but if you have more than one boy in the family you will have noticed the second born boy will be out of his nappies sooner than the first born boy was. There is no need for you to force your potty training boy into doing it if he is clearly shown no interest in doing so. You will need to verbally encourage him at first (not physically) and be careful to make sure you request he start to become a potty training boy gently, rather than demand it from him.

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