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The best part about summer break is the part about not having to set an alarm, and being able to sleep in.  As school is approaching it would be a good idea to start gradually getting back into the habit of waking up at a certain time. If your child is going to a brand new school make sure an IEP (Individualized Education Program) meeting is scheduled before school begins. Stay tuned for the next part of this post, which will address touring the school, schedules, social stories and communication! The transition from being at home with a relaxed schedule for a couple of months, to returning to a structured school schedule, can be hard for most people, but especially difficult for children with autism. You can practice wearing a backpack, carrying a lunchbox, and wearing a uniform (if required) at home which will help generalize to school.

First, determine how early your child needs to wake up to get ready for school and be on time for the bus.
This is where your child’s team of teachers and therapists get together to write the goals that your child will be working on throughout the year. Some children have trouble adjusting to changes in routine, so starting school again may cause some challenges. It is also a good idea to drive by the school on your way to or from places, so your child can become familiar with the route and the specific setting. This is a great time for you to attend, to make sure you agree with goals and you can express any concerns that you may have.

This will help your child to adjust to the school schedule, and make the transition easier.

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