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Helping children learn to stay in bed after they have been tucked in for the night is a challenge all parents face.
Now, with the help of this delightful book, The Sleep Fairy, families everywhere can have pleasant bedtimes.
In the story, the characters, Molly and Katie, learn what is expected of them at bedtime and are motivated by the anticipation of finding a gift from The Sleep Fairy.
Eventually, children learn to feel good about staying in bed and falling asleep without whining, crying or begging.

The most common advice given to parents whose children have problems at bedtime is, “Put them to bed and let them cry themselves to sleep.” But most parents just aren’t comfortable doing this. She has helped parents deal with bedtime issues for years and developed a method that she has shared with the families she counsels. First, parents establish the family’s bedtime routine and explain the rules to their children in a clear and simple way. Using Janie Peterson’s technique, teaching children to stay in bed is as simple as sprinkling fairy dust.

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