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Potty training isn’t a lot of fun, but you can make the experience much more fun and bearable for you and your toddler by bringing out these five potty training books.
This cute little board potty training book tells the story of a little toddler who doesn’t want to go in his diaper, but is unsure what to do next. If your toddler is learning his ABCs at the same time he’s learning how to use the potty, this book will hit two birds with one stone. This is a very silly and lighthearted potty training book that will have your toddler laughing and roaring at the dinosaur.
This potty training book shows that everyone uses the potty, from firefighters to doctors, and that it’s ok to stop what you’re doing to relieve yourself.
For more books for your toddler, check out these seven essential children’s books for ages 1-3! CommentsThere are currently no comments on this post, be the first by filling out the form below. 1) I didn’t even think about potty training until BOTH twins were giving readiness signs (vocalizing and recognizing body functions, plus an interest in the toilet). 2) Even after that I waited until all major family stresses were over: until after we moved and settled into our new house, my older boys started school, and we were in a stable daily routine. 4) I purchased multiple potty seats for my little multiples because often little bladders need to GO RIGHT NOW MOMMY at the same time.
6) Remember your multiples will be potty trained before their sixteenth birthday… probably.
I recall the days of travelling with a potty seat in the car trunk…and stuffing groceries into the front seat because the back seat had two car seats belted in! BTW, I was once sitting on an airplane with a family, and I overheard the mom asking the kid to tell another passenger they were talking with why they were going to Disneyworld. Pin ItThese are some of the top selling and best potty training books for boys and girls that help introduce and reinforce toilet training concepts. Potty has very simple drawings and short sentences that show a toddler learning how to use the potty by first learning from pets in the house.

Through rhymes and charming pictures in The Potty Book for Girls, a little girl named Hannah learns what the potty is and all about poop and pee. A book just for boys, My Big Boy Potty gets rave reviews from parents for a character and story that many boys identify with.
If you are toilet training before 18 months of age, then save your money and skip the potty training book for boys and girls. These books are funny and cheerful, but they also come with important potty training lessons. With the use of lots of alliteration and detailed, colorful drawings, this potty training book shows a wide variety of potty designs and different ways to go potty, including moms and dads on the toilet and public bathrooms. The boisterous little dinosaur drinks water, plays in water, and plays in the rain and doesn’t need to go to the potty… or does he? Teach your toddler that every animal and person needs to go to potty, including elephants, panda bears, and even penguins.
That’s an especially important lesson for busy toddlers who don’t want to stop playing to go to the potty! I used to teach reading and writing, but now I stay at home with my two kiddos and read and write in my spare time.
Toilet training a two or three-year-old means you will have to help your child retrain her muscle control from diaper use to toilet use, as well as help change her years-long habit of using a diaper.
Although girls who love the Caillou character will still enjoy this books as an introduction to toilet training.
Because it is a short and sweet book, this is a best choice for kids who don’t sit for books with too many words. It covers accidents as part of the learning process, something that often both kids and parents need to understand. Toddlers younger than 18 months don’t usually have any problems following their parents lead, sitting on a toilet, and giving up diapers. Even though this is just a fun book, there’s still a good lesson in it: when you need to dance around the floor, it probably means that you need to go to potty!

For the toddler who’s scared to poop in the potty, this potty training book will alleviate that fear and show that it’s perfectly normal and good!
I also love to undertake DIY projects, find new recipes on Pinterest, and dream about someday finally completing our home. Forget potty training before a certain age or stage; I simply want to be a happy and supportive mother during the process.
Perhaps this was unfair to the twin who was ready first, but she never seemed upset about staying in diapers. Then the training took less than a week, was pretty much accident-free, and was very low-key. For kids that don’t transition from one activity to another or adapt to change easily, a book can be very helpful. The toddler in the book goes through a typical day of eating, sleeping, playing, and going potty, making it seem like potty time is a normal part of the day. Above all, I love to learn about new things and sharing my new-found knowledge with others.”  Please check out my blog What the Vita! Also, most potty training books for kids are geared towards the older potty training crowd, making them irrelevant to the early potty training process. Some people think keeping children in diapers during potty training just delays their ability to recognize body signals.
For this age group, splurge on such reading only if you feel it will make the transition from diapers to toilet easier.

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