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Because you will be going places and you will need something portable to use when you are out. Flushable baby wipes are super helpful when little ones are learning to master toilet training. Potty training reward charts are an excellent way to give positive reinforcement and for little ones to see their development and learning growth.
Finally potty training shouldn’t be stressful for yourself or your child, explain the process to your little one, listen to what they have to say and give it some time if you believe it is too early, trust me, it is worth waiting if you are going to have a better experience at the end.
Kandoo also has a helpful potty training toolkit HERE where you can download a chart, a cute door hanger and a certificate when your child finishes potty training.
Win it: One lucky Canadian reader will win a gift basket with the entire Kandoo line of products (as pictured above). Hi, my name is Angela and I am a Canadian mom living in Vancouver with my wonderful husband and two happy little boys. You would need patience and understanding during this somewhat frustrating process of potty training! This is good timing on this post, as I am just starting to introduce my youngest to the idea of potty training. A cute potty book that you can read with your child to get them interested in potty training. With my oldest (a long time ago) I followed the advice of a book How to Toilet Train your Toddler in One Day…lots of fluids, treats, trapped in the kitchen with a potty chair…lots of frustration all the way around! I think a spare set of clothes at the ready and lots of patience are also very useful for potty training. I must admit that the picture on the front cover did nothing to dissuade me from the belief that this was a hoax, an impossible task set up only for hippy-mommas who pranced around naked all day with their babies in golden fields of barley. Bauer presents a picture that makes sense to me–babies are born with the innate need to be held, to feed and to eliminate after feeding. Over the half the world’s babies are potty trained by 1 year old (Pediatrics Magazine). Lora Jenson authored the Three Day Potty Training Method and I was instantly drawn to her claims that you could potty train a child as young as 22 months, a child with zero interest, and it could be done in three days. Here's a cute pic of Miat the Maltese (at 8 months) going squatting and going pee indoors on the UGODOG potty tray like he has been taught. More flexible any-time indoor potty routine, where Miat can relieve himself at his leisure.
Also, there was the slightly gross consequence of having wet (pee) paw prints around the wee wee pad after Miat walked across the pad. Baffles are a nice, thoughtful design feature to help keep down the sloshing of pee in the tray when emptying and cleaning. I take out the UGODOG from the box and give Miat (5 months) a few days to play with, sleep on, and otherwise get used to having the UGODOG potty tray in his environment.
Since the beginning as a puppy, Miat naturally gravitated to using a wee wee pad on a hard (non-carpeted) surface like the bathroom floor. Positioning the Miat's UGODOG in the laundry room near the utility sink makes these hot rinses ever so much easier, quicker, and even fun (just kidding).

The nearby hallway bathroom is for disposing of Miat's poop, which generally is easily picked up with toilet paper and flushed down the toilet. To keep things nice, I rinse out Miat's UGODOG tray with hot water from the tap perhaps 2-3 times daily (around morning, evening, and night). About every week, I'll give Miat's UGODOG tray a more through cleaning by letting it soak with bleach and hot water soak for about 10 minutes. Miat (8 months) squats and pees on the UGODOG potty tray.Pooping on the UGODOG is literally hit or miss for Miat (8 months).
Okay, this is kinda gross, but Miat the Maltese proudly demonstrates his potty education by correctly peeing and pooping indoors on his UGODOG indoor dog potty! The summer can one of the best times of the year to start potty training because diaper free time is easy during the warmer days.
No need to stay at home for a month to avoid accidents until your child is fully putty trained.
I found that going from cloth diapers straight to underpants was the best thing for us but you can definitely try training pants to start with, some have an extra layer of absorbency to help when little ones have accidents. Some children are specially driven to the rewards system so use it to give them a sense of achievement. In the Western World it has become known as elimination communication (EC), natural infant hygiene, infant potty training, or diaper free. Yet, Bauer, claimed that what she was proposing was far from new and even possible for Western mothers who live in carpeted areas with friends and family who would not appreciate their babies peeing on their floors.
I discovered websites, blogs, youtube videos, bought an infant potty (they make them??), thanks to a friend joined a facebook support group (I know–hilarious, right??).
I have accidently stepped on the grate with the full weight of my body with no ill effects.
When the UGODOG arrives, I take it out of the box and just lay it out so that Miat can explore it.
In this way, Miat is ultimately encouraged to pee not on a wee wee pad, but the UGODOG tray. Ease of UGODOG potty tray made easy by positioning near laundry room utility sink and bathroom hallway. And honestly, I'd rather spend time giving Miat a good belly rub rather than being on pee and poop cleanup detail. The nearby utility sink is really handy since I can just let the UGODOG tray sit on the sink's lip and soak with bleach and hot water directly from the faucet.
You can also do some of the training outdoors if you want to make things less messy at home or if you have a carpeted floor. Surveys have also shown that children get used to the real toilet earlier if they start using a potty training seat first. They are also convenient for travel and on the go when there is not toilet paper in public washrooms.
Worked like a charm even though they might have been in diapers a little longer than they might have been.
Something I discovered about six months before my daughter was born that I didn’t think would actually work, yet does.

Thanks to Nina Planck (author of Real Food For Mothers and Babies–a book I highly recommend for any woman who is breastfeeding, pregnant, or hoping to conceive) I discovered this form of toilet training. Initially, I was armed with little more than Bauer’s book and the belief (or more simply, the hope) that maybe I could do this. I began to build a network for myself and gather tools that I would need to actually do this in a carpeted house, in a car-riding family, in a no-your-baby-can’t-be-naked-all-the-time world.
When did that happen?) Yesterday we road the bus, went to the library for baby story-time, visited with a friend, had lunch out, road the bus back home, took a nap and hung out at the house. There are intermediate vertical standoffs within the perimeter of each half grate for structural support.
I kept ours in the car all the time and used it multiple times when potty training our son. We use Kandoo® Flushable Wipes and I love that they are biodegradable and the perfect size for little hands.
Instead of full-blown accidents (he only had 2-3), my son started to have one then caught himself and then could run to the bathroom to finish.
Lora suggests waking up your child an hour after they go to bed to go to the bathroom and then an hour before they wake up to go to the bathroom. What happened with trusty wee wee pad?" It was as if the UGODOG should have been named NOGODOG. I am, among other things, a wife, a mother, an explorer, a dancer, an actress, a lover of books, a teacher, a student, a cook, a Weston A. Mothers (or father, grandparents, village elders) than respond to the babies cue by holding them over a receptacle (toilet, bowl, dirt floor) and making a hissing, or shushing noise (hence the title of this post). I brought a plastic bin into his room and he helped me take all of the diapers out of his drawers and even helped me push them out to the garage. Fortunately, the daycare my son went to at the time did what I asked of them and he never had an accident at daycare. That it would be totally worth it, and that it was working despite laundry, laundry, laundry. Now, many moms will argue about pumping your kid full of juice for three days, but it’s just three days, and the more opportunity they have to pee, the more opportunity they have to learn.
Side note, you’re going to want to have about 10-15 pairs of clean underwear on hand as you will go through a lot. You’ll then tell them about another 10000000 times that they keep their underwear dry, they go pee pee in the potty, let mommy know when they need to go potty.
You’re going to be confined to your home for three days so plan quick and easy meals ahead of time.
If you have other children, enlist the help of your spouse, a family member, or a babysitter so there are fewer distractions. To me, it didn’t make sense to potty train by setting a timer and taking my kid to the bathroom every X minutes.

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