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Award Winning PottieStickers is an improved potty training aid that offers portability, structure and success. The combination of an easy to fold and carry card and re-usable stickers is a stroke of genius.
It creates pride, builds self esteem and is a motivational method to help children out of nappies and reward them for success.
User-friendly and flexible, its portable design allows you to use at home, for travel, at grandparents, daycare or on holiday.Everybody wins when a child is proud of his or her accomplishments. We have the selection that includes aeroplanes and mermaids and my twin girls are absolutely enthralled.
PottieStickers are an excellent learning tool that provides children opportunities to creatively express themselves.

I can forsee a great degree of success in potty training and behaviour being linked to the colourful and easy to use charts. Susan, mum of twins - NorthumberlandHow great to finally have something that works that the kids are asking for.
Each design provides children creativity and imagination development while reinforcing a positive and rewarding system for toilet-training. PottieStickers are colourful pressure sensitive labels that children place onto a fold-out scene creating a picture. Children's DayCare Centre, BirminghamIt took my son Julian a long time to get ready to potty train.
PottieStickers No Wrong Way Toddler Designs allow children to place the stickers in any direction and always be correct.

He felt a lasting satisfaction from the posters he created, which showed the progress he was making along the way. Pottie Stickers really eased the process for me, as a first time potty-training Mum, I highly recommend them for anyone!
I am a nurse and have tried everything imaginable to potty train my son who has ADHD but nothing worked. He is now potty trained with PottieStickers and now we use PottieStickers as rewards for daily chores.

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