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If you are in the middle of a potty training adventure, then maybe you cannot laugh…yet. If you are like us, you set a start day, you prep for it, with potty books, new undies, and lots of carpet cleaner. At the end of the day, we just aren’t willing to forego our outdoor adventures for urine. Anyways, save yourself the hassle and the freezing cold mornings by putting a potty in your tent and emptying it in the morning… after your coffee, and after the sun peaks over the horizon. I am a Jesus lover, wife, mom, rock climber, skier, photographer and all around adventure lover with a passion for writing. We are lovers, friends, skiers, climbers, dog owners and coffee lovers with a good dose of silly.
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If you have been following my blog for a while now, you will remember that Lennox has been potty training for a while now. Fast forward a month — Lennox has been dry almost all nights now, so it’s time to take the pull up off (nervously) and try to be a big girl all together! Lennox is still in a crib (She just loves it so much so we haven’t transitioned her yet) and as you can see, it fits well! Lennox has successfully been dry for a few days now at night, but these bed mats give us a piece of mind that if she does wet the bed, she won’t be laying in a puddle! This entry was posted in Lennox, Reviews, Sponsored Post and tagged lennox, Potty Training, Review, Sponsored Post on July 8, 2013 by Heather.
If you are looking for real solutions for potty training your toddler, you can find them below.
If you need a few more ways to find out if it is that time, these 4 signs that show you readiness will be helpful! I  had our kids Potty trained in three days without using pull-ups- This really worked for all four of our kids, before they were two years old. Some parents are more laid back about timing- and it works for them- its more of a Stress-Free Method.
When your older child still wets the bed it can be hard to understand and even harder to fix. We even run into the awful Potty Training Hurdles- you know the ones… when they will pee, but not poop (yes, this happens a lot!) It can be solved.
My best friend’s daughter had terrible constipation and she had to learn how to handle constipation (on a road trip).
Potty training is no fun, but it doesn’t have to be the biggest challenge in toddlerhood either.
A Potty for Me!: A Lift-the-Flap Instruction Manual by Karen Katz is a great introduction to potty training.
Sign up above and receive all new No Time for Flashcards posts directly in your email inbox. Some other of our favorites – Once Upon a Potty (her favorite, I think), Big Girls Use the Potty, Potty Time with Elmo, Potty Time from Sesame Beginnings, No More Diapers for Ducky, and My Potty Book for Girls (her second favorite, I think).
We then clear the schedule and plan not to go anywhere [as much as possible] for at least 3 days.
Often we’d have a kid go late at night and it would sit there in the tent till we emptied it in the morning.

We are very close to potty training with our daughter and you’ve given me a lot to think about. Last summer was our first camping trip with our potty trained guy and it was stressful, but went over quite well.
All you do is place it on the mattress (over the sheet) and remove the 4 sticky corners and stick it down. We did however have to put a small light weight blanket on top of it because she personally didn’t like to sleep directly on it. All these books are made to help kids and parents make this transition as smoothly as possible. He loved this book, and when I got it back out of the library to write this post he immediately wanted me to read it. If your toddler is showing interest but neither you nor they are ready to go head first into underwear yet this lift-the-flap book is a great way to play with the idea and concepts of using a potty. My son is mostly potty trained at 23 months old (does all his pees on the potty), but poops have been an issue for us. It’s all about how only grown-ups and big kids can use toilets and the problems that different animals would have if they tried.
We stay near the potty, we talk potty, we force fluids, we dance when there is success, and we callous up those knees cleaning up the accidents. Back in the day, we lived in a 3 bedroom house with 1 (ONE) bathroom (can you imagine?) When my great grandmother and grandmother came to visit, you just had to learn to hold it. And my mom started getting calls from the neighbors about a little boy out front with no pants on!
We have skipped the pull ups most of the time now – but we still do put them on during nap and bedtime. It gives Lennox the freedom to not have a pull-up on but there is some extra protection on the bed, in case of that late night accident! Next pad, I will probably put under the sheet – I know that will get the sheet wet – but it will still protect everything else! Target is also offering a $1.50 off GoodNite Bed Mats right now, so make sure to print that coupon out before heading to Target to get these! The only thing that was wet were her pajama bottoms and the think sheet we had put over the mat. Having taught children who were actively potty training and potty training my son last year, I can tell you this advice.
Many kids start holing their poop after one painful one, and that happened here and we went from no issues to fussing, fighting the potty and finally he admitted he was scared it will hurt.
A little girl on a farm has lost her potty and goes looking for it , asking all the animals if they have seen it.
We have been dealing with chronic constipation for months, so it makes things that much more difficult. The one book my daughter loves is the silly animals on the potty book (her words!) called Potty by Mylo Freeman. When I was itching to get back outdoors, to a park, to a pool, camping, hiking, anything… I had no idea how to handle my dysfunctional potty-er. I live and play near the Wasatch Range, partnering with my husband and teaching my kids to make the most of life and the One who gave it to us. I have only used the former, as they provided them at the trail heads and along the trails in Red Rocks Natural Conservation Area because of the crowds.

I just don’t want her to wake up in the middle of nap or the night, wet and cold from an accident! I think what my son loves so much is that it shows the challenges, she wets herself, she pees on the floor and her parents are encouraging and positive. They don’t know what a potty is but have discovered this awesome poo pot that is keeping their farm so much cleaner since figuring out how to use it. We also have had the same mat down now for a week since the accident and it is still sticking great!
So if your child isn’t open to these books, leave them hanging around and chill, they will be.
There is also a companion book The Potty Book – For Boys which interestingly my son had no interest in reading. I think it’s important to show women being astronauts , police officers, and construction workers. We are working with his doctor now to resolve the physical symptoms, but I need to help rebuild his confidence too. The story is long, I skipped some text with my son , but read it all for myself since it’s packed with awesome information for parents too! The text was funny, the flaps were fun to reveal but I am on the fence, even though my son loved it. Which…led to an accident and we were walking our little pee soaked toddler back to the car.
We found the most effective bribe to be a simple, homemade sticker chart adorned with those metallic stars that come 200 to a pack.
My son loved putting on a star for every success, and we loved that the sticker system was easy, effective, and cheap.3.
Changes such as a new sibling being born, moving, a divorce, or other life events can cause your child to revert to wetting herself.
Help your child work through and adapted to the new situation and the accidents will likely disappear.4. Just like my son learned to stay dry during the day through practice, I figured staying dry at night would go much the same way.
Bribes and prizes, cutting off evening liquids, not giving milk at dinner (I had read that milk made kids pee more at night than water), waking him up to pee before my husband and I went to bed.
Despite all my efforts, my son still wet the bed at 4-years-old even though he had no problem staying dry during the day.
With my first child, I foolishly figured that putting a disposable nighttime undie (as we called them) would be sufficient to catch any wetness and keep his bed dry. Although I may be stating the obvious here, mattresses are not exactly washable which means as soon as you child moves off a plastic-wrapped crib mattress onto a twin, you’ll want to invest in a waterproof mattress cover and maybe even an additional absorbency pad. A mother of three boys under 8, she relishes the small joys in life -- drinking coffee while it's actually still hot, a clean sink, having a reason to wear high heels, beating her husband in Words With Friends, a glass of wine with girlfriends, and travels with the family.

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