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Chelsea asks Aubree to pick out a potty she likes — and Aubree ends up just picking out all of the cute rubber duckies and setting them on the ground. But when Aubree finally sits down on a pink potty, she doesn’t stay for long — she gets right up and bolts away! Chelsea decides the best way to get Aubree excited about using a potty is to start a chart of achievements. But when the potty gets set in the living room — which makes sense, naturally — Aubree HATES it, and whines and kicks it across the room! And even though Chelsea and her baby daddy Adam Lind are broken up at the time and not talking to each other, Adam’s mom is still on board with getting Aubree potty trained.
I put the link to the Cosmopolitan cover for August in yesterday’s link post, but it’s worth showing here – I mean, the Photoshop is ridiculous. Anyway, ONTD had a great excerpt from Britney’s Cosmo interview – most of it is, like, a fill-in-the-blank questionnaire, and if you go to ONTD’s Cosmo scans, you can see that it looks like Britney actually wrote out the answers herself. At 28, she has five number one albums and yet another sold-out tour under her belt, proving that this superstar is as awesome as ever.
The most difficult adjustment to motherhood I had to make was: teaching my boys potty training. I subscribe to Cosmo and just like everyone else, I am sure she really did write them out herself. The questions and the answers are not that difficult, so why would someone have had to do them for her?
OK crucify me now but she is only 29, she sounds like a typical 29 year old that has everything done for her and doesn’t do a damn thing for herself. Even though I’ve already accomplished so much, I’m driven to achieve more because: I genuinely love what I do and the company I keep is so much fun. Reminds me of a scene in Harold & Maude when his mother is filling out a dating questionnaire.
I think a sane celeb (like a Kate Winslet or Reese Witherspoon) probably fills it out herself and the PR person just gives it a quick glance. And I’m not going to joke about the cover, because I am 3487348673847897% sure someone lost their job over it.

I love that she admits she knew photographers would follow her everywhere if she chose this career.
I think you seem to have a thing against her, and begrudge her every little move forward, while delighting in every embarrassing moment-all the while paying a sentence’s worth of lip service to respecting her mental illness, which you immediately go back to calling crazy, insane, other insulting and derogatory adjectives. 7, Chelsea Houska thinks it’s time her two-year-old daughter Aubree learns how to stop dropping a diaper cake in her diaper and start using the toilet, so she takes her to a specialty kids shop to buy her a training potty! Every time she goes to the bathroom in the potty, she will get a star on her chart which hangs proudly on the fridge! I think she does have honest-to-God mental health issues and she’s dealing with it the best way she can.
I will admit to picking it up when I am bored at the dentist or maybe on a long layover, but seriously, that magazine is such a joke and rather insulting to women.
I think we can all acknowledge that mentally she’s had some setbacks, but why do we have to paint her like someone who can’t walk upright without help?
When she took her show on the road, The Circus Starring Britney Spears ended up being the highest-grossing North American tour by a solo artist in 2009. You wouldn’t call a cancer patient a sicko or a victim of cerebral palsey a cripple, nor should you.
After 97 performances around the world, Britney spent her final night under the big top in November and decided to take a well-deserved break from music. They just started karate class, which is supercute!” We were lucky enough to drag her away from 4-year-old Sean Preston and 3-year-old Jayden James just long enough for her to pose for a cover shoot and take one of our famous quizzes.
I think this is probably the least superficially constructed thing about her these days, so I commend her for it and move on. Now, do I think that the language of her answers may have been cleared up (either by an editor or publicist)?

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