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News d'origine : Elimination Communication: How To Potty Train Your Baby Before They Can Even Talk!
Pin ItParents that choose to go against the norm and potty train their baby or one-year-old are often faced with criticism and cynicism from other parents. Below are some of the more common arguments and statements you are likely to hear from other parents if you choose to share just how early you are potty training your child. If you are new to the idea of early potty training, and the idea seems impossible, difficult, and harmful, then take some time to read further. It is true that books and expert advice from some state that babies cannot control their bowels and bladders enough to potty train until they are much older. In fact many studies support early potty training as being less harmful to the child including one published in 2002 in the British Journal of Urology.
This argument may be given after a parent is presented with the fact that their own grandparents and great-grandparents potty trained their babies and the idea just seems too absurd.
Parents who dare to mention they are or have even completed potty training their infant or one-year-old will eventually get this statement. The potty training early parent is just as trained as the parent of a diaper wearing two-year-old. This is the standard advice today—to wait for potty training readiness signs and use child-led potty training. Parents that choose early potty training do not wait for a child to lead them to the potty and do not see the standard signs of readiness, such as walking and talking, as having any relation to eliminating in a toilet. Parents that take the early potty training route view potty training as a basic life skill necessary for good health. Even though it’s been a long time since I’ve had to train anyone in my house, I am helping to train a little girl that I work with, so I sympathize with what you are going through. These two books are pretty much the same story, swapping out Michael in the boy book for Ashley in the girl book. In the next few posts, we’ll offer you some quick tips to get different members of your family involved with the potty training process. We’ve had a fair amount of discussion on Facebook about children refusing to poop on the potty.
While working in a childcare center before I was even married, I worked with the 2 year old class which meant potty training. Here in North America we tend to potty train children as toddlers, often being told this is the most developmentally appropriate practice.

Our fantastic Signing Time Academy instructors are using Potty Time right along with you and their clients! Such comments are a result of our culture’s perceptions on potty training, and a lack of awareness that there are other ways then waiting until a child nears preschool. However, it would seem that this idea is not based on medical research and is simply not true after evaluating the research (that includes neurological and cultural studies) and the advice from expert authors such as Dr.
In this study researchers looked at older children with bladder disorders and how and when these children were potty trained. The argument then becomes that those methods must have been cruel to have been successful since baby potty training is just not possible. Parents who choose to use diapers are trained to check for a dirty diaper and then clean up their baby or toddler and put a new diaper on. And for many parents that don’t mind dirty diapers for years, it probably works well. Instead the parent leads the way, taking on a teacher role, just as they teach their child how to feed themselves, brush their teeth, bathe, and get dressed.
It’s not something that a child needs to be ready to make a decision about, but rather a skill that needs to be taught. Results of a questionnaire evaluating the effects of different methods of toilet training on achieving bladder control.
The story is especially engaging as the young reader is introduced to the character and asked some questions. They go through the steps of trying out the potty but not being ready, to having success, to still wearing a diaper at night, to celebrating with the purchase of some big kid undies.
In June of 2005 she was offer a temporary position helping with a special project and her responsibilities have grown and changed based on the needs of the company. And then a holiday rolls around, or it’s time for vacation, and you’ve got to take this show on the road! You think your child has this whole potty training thing worked out and then one day it is back to accidents or diapers. However, in the Elimination Communication community, and in other cultures around the world, they train much earlier. Linda Sonna (Early-Start Potty Training), Ingrid Bauer (Diaper Free: The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene), Dr. That early potty training would cause a child to need serious counseling later in life however has not proven true.

While there are probably accurate reports that parents in the past used less than positive approaches to potty training, most used natural teaching methods. So yes, parents of potty-trained babies and toddlers are trained well to care for their child, so are the parents of diaper wearing children. Most parents wouldn’t consider saying “he’ll bathe when he wants to,” “he’ll brush his teeth when he wants to,”…”let’s wait until he’s ready to do those things.” Infant potty training parents consider the teaching of toileting the same as teaching any other basic health related issue such as bathing or brushing their infant’s teeth.
I used the boy book with my own son when we potty trained and he loved answering the questions and finding similarities between himself and Michael in the book. Some preferred to use Pull-Ups® or Easy-Ups®, some preferred us to leave their children in diapers and take them to the potty every half hour, and others preferred bringing several changes of clothes letting their children tell us when they needed to use the restroom. The idea of potty training while traveling can be quite daunting, but thanks to our Facebook community, we’ve compiled some great tips to help you make it through. In this article we address some of the reasons behind potty training regression and give you some strategies for managing it. The same statement can probably be said of parents today; regardless of what age the child starts potty training. When you potty train early, you the parent becomes trained to recognize your child’s communication signs that she needs to pee or poop and then respond to those signs by taking her to a potty of some form. However, as an argument against potty training early, this statement does not really relate to the process. But, the truth is, sometimes dads can be a little reluctant or unsure when it comes to potty training. Successful early potty training is about using natural, gentle, and positive methods that teach a child, not force a child, to use the toilet. Really, this is not much different from when she cries because of hunger and you feed her, give her a nap when she shows she’s tired, or provide for any of her other needs. I also believed I knew exactly how I would potty train my own children when the time came. Boy was I wrong!

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