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I know the process has clicked for him, and with time and practice I know he’ll be fully trained soon! 4- How long until they have the sensation that they have to go and can hold it long enough to make it to a toilet? He has mastered holding it and releasing but he still needs work on knowing the sensation of when he has to go. We use the Baby Bjorn Smart Potty in one bathroom and have the cheaper $10 IKEA alternative, the LOCKIG, in a second bathroom. I hesitated sharing such private info in such a public place, but since I’ve been obsessively reading about potty training I thought you might be interested in our journey. My son is still nervous around public toilets because they’re so big and loud and strange, I think, and the rooms are often so echo-y.
Mostly I find that the public washrooms that have become familiar (like the library) are much easier for him. He sounds ready to be working on potty training, but being fully trained this young is going to take some time. Of course I have no experience, but I bet it could be because your boy is getting distracted while out and waiting until the last minute to tell you he needs to go? He may be showing lots of interest and enjoys pleasing you, but might now be ready for full on training. Sorry but the issues you are describing are ones that will no longer be issues when he’s a little older.
Pretty defensive in the old title there – good luck with potty training and with the worrying too much about what other people think. We started potty training about a month ago, and my son will be 20 months this weekend, so we’re on the same track as you.
People definitely do judge you for starting early, which is annoying, but now that we’re having real success I find it less frustrating.
Potty training is a process and it differs with each child (just like everything else in parenting). Oh and for bedtime getting a mat to put over the sheets is really helpful once they’re out of nappies. The greatest potty training tool I have found for keeping children on the toilet, is a Gameboy or other game playing device. Having potty trained more than 70 kids (I was a preschool teacher, and the kids had to be trained before they left my room) I want to say GOOD FOR YOU and don’t listen to the haters.
You are using Internet Explorer 6 or older, which is no longer fully supported on this site. This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. After 19 months with your toddler, you probably have a very keen sense of her temperament: Does she hang back when faced with a new situation, or dive right in? By clicking "Create Account", I confirm that I have read and understood each of the website terms of service and privacy policy and that I agree to be bound by them.
The Nuts and Bolts of Toilet Training board is basically my bible, and I go back and reread tips over and over again.
I try to give him ideas for making it fun instead of scary (like sitting sideways instead of trying to navigate the open part at the front of the seat) and using a one-toilet room (handicapped or family washroom) when possible. This makes it better at new places, too, because I can say, “Hey, this toilet looks like the library toilet!
Good for you (and for Raffi!) for doing it so young but it does sound more like you are the one being trained rather than him. I think when they are out and about they get distracted and have been used to not having to use a potty but a diaper, after a few weeks he should catch on. My son has been a lot more stubborn and if he thinks he does not have to go he won’t sit.
So maybe for now make the potty fun if he wants to try it but wait for the real training for a couple more months?

Yesterday she went to the potty and even pooped for the first time (!) every time she needed to go at daycare. We waited until they were interested in the potty, showed them how to use it, and made a big deal with songs, dancing, clapping, and M&Ms when they went for the first couple weeks. We’ve been having accident free days for a week or so now, and are just starting to do the public toilet. We had a mattress cover but we also got these mats which are cotton on one side and plastic on the other. With the second, I didn’t even bother until she was older and put her in underwear and that was that, she had no accidents. My DD is not quite ready for potty training, yet she will sit on the toilet for up to 20 minutes if I let her (she usually only gets 10 minutes). Your child is probably beginning to think of her playmates as friends, and she's learning that small kindnesses, like sharing and giving, are part of friendship. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult a doctor or other healthcare professional.
Some hardly cry, some seem to cry almost all the time; some are relaxed and sleepy while others are alert and full of energy. Do you have to be careful about socks or sweaters that might irritate her, or is she happy to wear anything?
You can collect it in a container, but if the container has holes in the bottom, it runs out. We did two days of bare bum where I’d run him to the toilet every time he started to go, and on the third day we did a few outings with the big switch to undies. R has had a few accident-free days, and the rest of the time his accidents are limited to 1-2 per day. I bring a small potty seat that fits on the big toilet to make him more comfortable, but it takes 3-4 false alarms before he’ll finally sit and use it. Also, the toilets are higher and their feet don’t reach the ground so their bearings are off. If you find you’re having more accidents than not, it might an indication to take a break for a month or from underwear out of the house. Public toilets are really hard; we sometimes have had a portable potty in the backseat of our van for whatever kid is training at the time and it makes a huge difference.
Boog goes to DC during the day and will this summer but I want to try evenings and weekends.
We have children close in age (17 months and 3 months) and I can’t imagine trying to potty train with a newborn! My first was introduced to potty training at 17 months and she was out of nappies when she was 2. These innate differences can be chalked up to temperament, an aspect of your child’s personality that is hers for life.
Making a real effort to recognize and work with your child’s temperament is an important step in understanding who she is and supporting her development. If she doesn’t have her first molars already, she will soon, with the second set probably emerging around her second birthday. Life is quite a juggling act for moms and exercise is often the first thing to go when time gets tight. I’m day training (meaning he wears undies for naps and during the day) but we are going to wait a few weeks before night training. I know it will take time to learn this but would love any tips on helping him figure it out. Well he asked to sit on the toilet a few days later and I told him to toot in the toilet and well he pooped. The first few times he might not be able to (my little one would often go right after we gave up).
You can get the mats at baby stores but they’re cheaper at stores that sell stuff for the elderly (plus those ones are bigger and can be tucked in).

I have to deal with bedpans at work, so I am not dealing with something just like them at home. You’re doing great, R is doing great, keep it up, and you absolutely do not have to defend PTing before 2.
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If you drink it out of a cup, your clothes stay dry, but if you spill the cup, you’re suddenly wet.
And since they are big and blunt, they can really hurt on the way through, so be prepared with soothing solutions for handling inflammation and pain.
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I put a Pull-Up on top of his undies for nap so I don’t have to change the whole bed.
He requests me to take off all his clothes before he uses the potty, so it becomes a very time consuming thing when it takes multiple tries in public. Its hard BC both her dad and I work during the day and trying to get our parents to really work with her too is hard.
Lol Just keep taking him, use wipes or paper towels and skip the hand dryer, post-it notes over the flush censor. So many people are there are discouraging about doing it early, this was really wonderful to read.
Now I would have thought she was making this up except for the fact that she’s helped each of us with our kids and the majority of them trained at 2 within a week or two.
I still have to help the little one (2.5) get cleaned up after she poops, but other than that they are self sufficient, and I never had to deal with accidents or training myself to take them to the bathroom. First they learned to pee on the potty, and pooping took several more weeks with my second and honestly several months with my first, who literally asked for a diaper to put on to go #2. If you can't find this email, access your profile editor to re-send the confirmation email. We also skipped the little potty and went straight to the regular toilet, because I didn’t want him to have issues with regular toilets out in public. I guess what I am saying is that he does sound ready for the concept, but if you are finding that there are consistent accidents and you or he find yourself frustrated with the process maybe take a step back and let it come naturally when he is really ready. They are both the kind who will hold it as long as necessary to avoid an icky bathroom, but I think that is usually a girl thing.
IME, they get the sensation they have to go within about 3-5 weeks of starting, and poop always takes longer, especially for boys. So just keep having him wear undies-especially with my second-getting that wet feeling really helped him to potty train and #2 will come.
When she was just over two and a half (maybe around 32 months), she decided she was done with nappies and we never looked back. Just hang in there and do what you think is right, whatever you do is the right thing to do because it is what works for you.
We started PTing DS (at his request) at 17 mo, in the middle of October, and around Thanksgiving he started being able to hold it for the 2 minutes it took us to get to the potty.
He still wears a pull up to bed at night but wears underwear during the day and at nap time. She took longer for night time dryness but I think she’s a deeper sleeper and she drinks more than her sister. Ignore the judgy people, I hope I didn’t sound that way, that was just what worked best for me. She just started meds for it since she doesn’t seem to be outgrowing it like the others did.

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