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You’re finally getting a full night’s rest, your toddler can feed herself pretty well, and you have proudly graduated from breastfeeding duties.  You feel that you are getting the routine down finally and all that’s left is to potty train your toddler who seems ready, willing, and knowledgeable enough to go.
If it takes pretty flowers and pink to get your little ones on the potty, then pretty flowers and pink they will get.  Decked out with a soft training seat, this potty also has its own toilet paper holder. This comes equipped with sing along songs and happy cheers for every victory dropped into the potty.  It also comes with it’s own retractable toilet paper roll holder, and the toilet seat comes off to fit onto regular toilets for stage 2 in the potty training process.
Let your toddler become their own conductor of their potty train.  Los Angeles authors David Hochman and Ruth Kennison wrote this light-hearted book, The Potty Train, to help your little one chugga chugga pooo-pooo with ease when they feel nature calling. From one potty to another, promise your toddlers they can get pick some treats from a super-sized toilet candy dispenser at Sweet! Take the kids shopping and let them pick out their own soft, organic, 100% cotton undies.  Giggle in Santa Monica has a great local selection and the fun colorful ambiance will get your toddler in the right mood for potty training bliss.
Finally, after dropping off those diapers, swing by Silverlake Wine to pick up a really  great wine, like the Jackhammer Pinot. Why the Jackhammer?

What got you through potty training?  Tell us your favorite only-in-LA potty training story! Want More Los Angeles Adventures?Let us help you be the rock star mom (or dad) we know you are! I'm very disappointed with this book for several reasons- #1) it shows the potty as a toy (on Sam's head, holding his toys, etc.). I totally disagree with the other reviewers on this, my child adores it, and it has helped her to understand the potty as a non threatening and useful item. Try this iPad potty that does the trick for you.  Download fun potty training apps that help to encourage your little ones’ progress. Hollywood once they use their own potty.  A little potty humor never hurt and for some reason, toddlers find it so amusing. Much like how potty training needs the perfect climate to master, the Pinot is a fickle grape, but the hard work put into growing it pays off in the end.

Sign up for our picks for the best things to see, do, eat and explore with your kids in Los Angeles. My 2 year old has never used the potty as a toy & I certainly don't want anyone giving her any ideas! You see, he thinks the toilet is going to eat him if he sits on it too long, so he never wants to go number 2!
There is much going on in the book for toddlers to point at and discuss (like the toys that accompany the little girl on her potty adventures!)It is not a Potty training guide, but a softer and more gentle approach to identifying what a potty is.
But I think with the help of this book we have had much less "accidents" and my little boy likes to go potty so he can read his new favorite book!

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