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We decided that the best way for you to learn about the Potty Training in One Day Method was to take you through the 5 W i.e. If you are still interested in learning more about this method, we have the following articles which we hope will provide you with the additional knowledge and information that you are looking for.
Padded Potty Training Pants for your child – 6 pairs at a minimum, 12 would be great and 18 pair would be excellent. Charting out your son’s potty schedule before you start potty training can be especially helpful. Charting out your daughter’s potty schedule before you start potty training can be especially helpful.
There are several ways to approach potty training with rewards.  The key is to have your child feel a sense of pride and accomplishment for her hard work.
For example: at the end of the week, your child may get to select a toy from a “treasure chest” (a bin you have filled with new toys) or you may make a trip to the movies or you take her for a visit to her favorite park.
If the reward is too big, then you child will be more focused on trying to get the reward and may get frustrated when she is unable to collect the reward as fast as she’d like. She is 16" tall and is dressed in a 2 piece outfit (with a diaper underneath), so the pants can be removed when potty training. We have specially designed the Padded Potty Training Pants to fit loosely; this is so the toddler can easily pull them on and off, without your assistance. The padded potty training pants have an absorbent center panel that contains the accident but will make your toddler uncomfortable. This pink potty training chair is smooth, simple, light weight and portable, with a low splash guard.
This potty training seat is made of durable, PVC free and recyclable plastic and is designed to fit just about any toilet. It can be used for initial potty training or it can help your child make the transition from the potty to the toilet.
The goal is to help parents prepare for this important developmental milestone and make it a positive and memorable experience for both parent and child. You have the choice of adding the Potty Training in One Day - A DVD for Today's Parents for only $9.95. Of course, in light of this success, I couldn't possibly recommend any other program than what you see offered on this very Web site. The Potty ScottyDoll (or Potty Patty Doll for Girls) with its accessories – doll training pants and bottles.
The potty doll with it’s accessories (doll training pants and drinking bottles) are for your child. The anatomically correct drink and wet-on-demand dolls are used during potty training to model the going potty behavior for your child. So, how can you tell if your child’s muscles have mature and that your child is physiologically ready?
Is your child aware of the elimination process?  Does you child realize that he is about to go potty? If you answered yes to the questions above, then your child is physically read – or has the required motor skills for potty training! If you look at the process of going potty from a child’s perspective, it is a complex set of physical and cognitive tasks that all have to be executed in perfect synchronicity, for your child to potty successfully and to avoid an accident.
Does you child have the ability for symbolic thought, planning, problem solving and memory?
If you answered yes to these questions, then your child has the cognitive and verbal skills necessary to get started with potty training!
If you answered yes to these questions, than you child is emotionally ready and has the social awareness required to potty independenlty! It will make potty training a much more rewarding and memorable experience for both you and your child! As mentioned in the book, we provide a complete selection of checklists that will help with potty training in one day™.

If you want to compare the doll available on the market today – t his site does a great job of comparing all the dolls. They are easy to clean and you child can carry them from room to room. Not only do you have to get potty training underwear for the daytime, I recommend using potty training pants for nap and night time as well. As mentioned in the book, our favourite treats are salty, as they make the toddler thirstly and facilitate drinking more – which helps when trying to potty train.
If you use chocolate, just be carefully with the amount of sugar and caffine that is being consumed by your child.
These are great to use to teach children how to potty train and let them see the entire process. We have created multiple sections as well to make finding everything you need easier than ever.
The dolls are dressed in pink or blue clothing and the girl has pigtails and the boy has short hair. There is the Potty Training Doll in Patty or Scotty, the Potty Patty or Potty Scotty Kit, the Potty Training In One Day Patty or Scotty Doll the Complete System, the Potty Training In One Day Potty Patty or Potty Scotty Doll the Basic Program, the Advanced Program or the Essential Program as well. The dolls are anatomically correct as well, to make teaching a child very easy, since they can relate and see that everything is the same. Potty training is a big time in a toddler’s development and one that many parents dread. Monica Yagele of Fort Worth has three daughters and it’s just about time for her youngest, two year old Isabella, to start potty training. Yagele says she made a few mistakes with her first two girls, so she wanted to learn some new techniques. She came to an event sponsored by Metroplex Baby and Kids featuring Houston mother and entrepreneur Narmin Parpia. Once your child understands the correct behavior, mom and dad should start building excitement for the big day where the child will stop wearing diapers.
The training products also come with a book and DVD that will take parents about an hour to review. If you rather read an about the plan for potty training in one day, we have that available for you!
Yesterday – August 6th, 2009, Potty Training in One Day was featured on Good Morning Texas. Not only did they discuss How to Potty Train in One Day, they talked about how Narmin Parpia got started.
Here is the Potty Training in One Day Brochure.  You can print it our or email it to a friend! The jpeg version load quickly – the pdfs are much higher resolution and take a lot longer to load! My daughter is now 19 mos old and has been using the big toilet successfully an average of 5 times per week since age 14 mos. Now I really want to make the transition to fully potty trained and I want to use the one day method. I think that it is great that you want to try the one day method and your questions are very good ones. The one day of training takes place in a large area of the house that has a hard surface, such as the kitchen or a wood floor living room.
Your child will be making lots of practice potty trips to the potty and will learn to undress themselves, sit, dress, and empty the potty.
A small potty chair will allow your child to do all of these exercises without risk of falling off a step stool at the big potty. This is why the authors are very adamant that every child MUST pass all sections of the readiness test - (see article At what age should I start potty training?
Also, the best minimum age for most children is about 24 months with 30 months being ideal for the one day method.

The dates are not marked – so you will have to mark the dates on the printed page yourself.
This prompted reminder checklist will not only help you remember when you need to prompt your son to use the potty, it will also help you determine the time between prompted intervals if you son is not initiating going potty. This prompted reminder checklist will not only help you remember when you need to prompt your daughter to use the potty, it will also help you determine the time between prompted intervals if you daughter is not initiating going potty.
Potty Patty will change into this "Big Kid" underwear, along with your child, on the day of the training which I like to call the "big day". Not only does this increase the chance of getting to the potty on time, but it also makes the whole potty training process much more independent, which is the goal of this potty training program.
It is designed to be low to the ground to encourage the more natural squatting position for toileting. For some parents, this is a rewarding and memorable experience, while for others it can be a frustrating time. Don't waste your time in frustration, just order this program and be done with the training.
She is perfect to use for potty training and little girls will also get a lot of play value from this doll. As you read in the book, bowel movement schedules will change because of potty training, and if your child is prone to constipation, then you should avoid using chocolate, as you don’t want to get to the point of bowel movement resistance. Making sure that your child has everything they need to learn how to potty train is so important as well. There is the Potty Patty doll in pink for girls and the Potty Scotty doll in blue for boys. There are a variety of options available when it comes to which doll to get for a boy or a girl.
But a Texas woman says, with a little preparation and commitment from mom and dad, she can help potty train your child in one day. The one day method relies on direct instructions giving by the parent and a cooperative toddler following direction.
It is very portable and easy to move from toilet to toilet, since it is not permanently attached to the adult toilet. This book walks parents through the entire potty training process from determining if their child is ready, to how to handle bowel movement training and bedwetting. If you are more of a visual learner then we highly recommend purchasing this DVD along with the system. Finally, out of desperation with our consistent failures over several months to train her, I turned to the Web and this Web site.
We don’t recommend any specific chair, however, my personal opinion is that all you need a simple one piece chair. We at Potty Training Concepts understand everything that is needed to make potty training successful both the child and parent and we have everything that is needed here.
These older dolls, they look more like toddlers and are perfect for children that relate better to older children or are older themselves. There will always be the doll, two bottles to feed the doll with and three potty training pants for the doll as well. I ordered the complete package, and when it arrived, I read the booklet cover-to-cover several times.
I never really started potty training him until I bought your doll and I’m glad because I was able to achieve it with 1 try, successfully. Thank you for giving such great instructions and a method that is so do-able for both the parent and child.

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