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Many children who are ready to transition wait too long to go to the bathroom because they are distracted, and cannot gain control to stop their urine stream until some pressure has been relieved from the bladder.
Download the free potty training chart on the right to track progress so your trainer can SEE their success!
After some urine has been released, children can then try to stop the urine from flowing and seek assistance.

We recommend starting training at home, where children know how to get to the bathroom and can feel successful in the first few days wearing their big kid underwear with Test DRYves™. Be sure to replace any underwear with worn or stretched out elastic, as this could impede Test DRYves™ ability to catch leaks. Test DRYves™ will help this trainer to stay dry, and avoid embarrassment while they learn the valuable lesson of not waiting when they feel the first urge.

Don’t forget to reward them throughout the process with plenty of praise and try letting them pick out their own big kid underwear!

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