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What's the best way to bring up such a precocious pair when you've had no prior experience being a mommy or daddy? What we can offer you is an honest look into our Adventures in Babyrearing: The challenges, the triumphs, and all the events in between.
There are also product reviews -- each one meticulously tested with the utmost rigor by our two little lab technicians -- and round-ups of some of the most weird and wonderful parenting-related links on the Web. So stick around, subscribe for an RSS feed or email updates, and watch two reasonably intelligent adults stumble through their first go at parenthood with two of the most maddening, charming, frustrating, adorable, devilish, and angelic children to ever grace the face of the Earth. Today we started on our big pile of library books and made it through one called “Kindness is Cooler, Mrs. In true Monday fashion, I didn’t get to the computer to write a post until Tuesday morning.
By the time I had found them, it was too close to lunchtime to do the things I had promised, so like the bad mom I am, I decided to JUST go to the thrift store and hit the library after nap. This section is usually the one most fraught with emotion as other kids hate getting off of the computers, but we’ve managed to avoid such drama by setting the iPad timer for ten minutes. When the store isn’t very crowded I like to pretend like they actually have control over the direction of the cart. On the way home, I called my Mom to check on their kitty…and got the very sad news they had to have him put to sleep that afternoon.
Emme had great success tonight with her bathroom duties and a cupcake is waiting for her for tomorrow morning.
I’ve been potty training for 16 years now (well, not mea€”but, you knowa€”my kids) and have succeeded, during that time, in potty training four girls and three boys so far. So since we are talking about babies this month, and since #8 (a boy) just turned three last week, I decided to take pictures, record some details (just a few, mind you) and write up a blog post about it. Before we get started with our adventure, let me just say that I’m not one of those ambitious early trainers. So on day one Boy gets up thinking its just another average day, but he soon discovers he is in paradise. Mom whips out a pair of thick underwear with the face of an otter embroidered on the inside front. Unfortunately, Mister Otter gets pooped and peed on a few times before the child gets the hang of going on the potty, but that’s OK, because Mister Otter is always smiling no matter what. Day one of training is all about getting the child comfortable peeing on the potty.A  The child will have to go a lot if you continue to give them beverages. After his nap and into the evening I simply put him on the pot approximately every 30 minutes to see if he had to go.
That first night I happened to be out on a date with my 13-year-old daughter, so Daddy put Boy to bed. He pooped three more times that day in his pants, waking me up to the realization that he is, in fact, human and decidedly NOT an angel. Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are affiliate links.
As a Mom to 9 also, we pretty much train like you do… I guess some things are universal. I’ve only trained 8 of them though, the 9th is only 14 months and I figure we can handle one in diapers right now. One day, about a week ago, she came back from the pool and took her swimsuit off and was walking around the house naked holding her bottoms and crying and calling out to me that she needed a diaper.
A day or so after, it happened again and then she didn’t want to wear diapers anymore.
I am the proud owner of 3 Dudes who rarely no longer poop, pee, or otherwise soil themselves.  They wear underwear daily without incident and have been for ages. I take full credit for this (okay, the third one figured out the potty all by himself a couple weeks shy of his second birthday, but still, I count it as a mom win because, after all, I own the bathroom) success. My youngest is now four and, within the last 3 months, he has even graduated to wiping himself with relative accuracy which means, I am largely obsolete.
But, all of this wisdom can be put to use to help all of you younguns get your Dudes trained up nicely. I have tried bribes, books, videos, waiting, him wanting to go to school and swim lessons, charts, stickers and NOTHING!! Well I have a girl and will be starting soon but I must say I dont think I will try a pull up-I have not heard one positive thing about them! It took forever at my house for me to back off and for JDaniel to decide he wanted to stop soiling briefs. Potty training at our house is like old furniture, you wish you could replace it, some day. As I venture down potty road with Vivi, the milestones involved in potty training are coming back to me, some of them funny, some of them a little messy, but all of them necessary in order to send a toilet-trained human out into the world. The first time that little bare butt hits the porcelain throne is a big deal, it’s the first real life skill you teach them that will last them FOREVER. Tiny underpants are adorable underpants, especially when they have little critters on the bum. We do our best to keep our kids dressed in the presence of company, however during potty training there isn’t much time for formalities. I’m trying to think if anything in parenthood was more celebrated than the first poop in the potty.
This is also where I mention that once you teach a child to pee in the wild, they may never bother with a bathroom again.
If you take a toddler into a bathroom stall with you, whether they are potty training or not, they are going to become enamored with the lever or lock. Dry nights are the last elusive part of potty training, day training is pretty straightforward because they’re awake and you’re there to remind them to use the potty and use it often, but nighttime? Regardless, you’ll remember that first dry night as a big bittersweet milestone towards adolescence.
Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. I washed that kid up, disinfected the floor, slapped a fresh diaper on him, and we gave up for the day. Then, one day he pulled this book off the book shelf and asked me to read it.  He loved it.
My husband continued to take him to the bathroom to watch him, all day long.  And this little guy continued to pee in the potty all by himself. Thank you for not really waiting until you were 4.   And bless your sweet little self for saving us some grief!
I started potty training my daughter yesterday….the first day was rough, but so far on day two, it has gone much better!
We'll share the days when parenting isn't everything it's cracked up to be and the days when parenting is the most magnificent thing in the world. After we did our play-acting, we had an impromptu dance party and those kids were ROCKING OUT.
That’s one of those books that I was talking about in my last post about the library. So you MIGHT be getting two posts for the price of one today…that is, if I manage to put together a Tuesday post! BAD NEWS, primarily because you absolutely cannot get them ready and then stall for any significant amount of time before actually leaving the house. They were fairly amenable to this proposal — I think they were just happy to get out of the house.

Our library is open until 8 during the week, and the children’s section was blissfully empty. Although little Miss Smartypants is pretty bored by the simple puzzle offerings of the library.
This is the second article in two days that talked about writing down three things you are grateful for each day and how much that can boost happiness. One of my favorite cousins got terrifying news — he has some sort of growth on his heart and will be going in for open heart surgery tomorrow morning. I’m tempted to make this their Halloween costumes, although I really want them to be able to pick their costumes out themselves.
It’s one of those necessary evils thougha€”and the encouraging thing is, all average children, and most below average children WILL be potty trained by age 16. These are cloth training pants that have an optional snap on insert with an optional otter embroidered on one side.
In between each sitting and going (sometimes the sitting takes a long while before the going happens), Boy walked around for a little bit longer.
This fact was confirmed the following two nights when I put him to bed with a diaper on, and it was full the next morning.
This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.
Went really well for a while and then firmly decided that the underwear was for going to the bathroom in again.
Just tell them you PROMISE she’ll be fully trained within the next five to ten years.
He was greatly on track right before his little sister was born then seemed like he back tracked severely. I would also offer a prize for every time he successfully uses the potty, and when he doesn’t, maybe take 1 item away from him and put it in a box with the understanding that he can get it back when he does use the potty. Although it can be extremely difficult our best advice is to stay calm and relaxed about the situation. In her free time she enjoys losing weight easily, looking like a soap star the moment she rolls out of bed, and riding around town on her unicorn.
Of all the parenting activities that have tested my resolve, potty training is at the tippy top of that list. It’s a totally different experience to feel your baby in something other than a big, fluffy diaper, they feel so big and human.
With doors, automatically flushing toilets, bigger sinks, and more to navigate, it can be a struggle.
Diapers have probably become such a standard issue in your day-to-day life that you’re blissfully unaware how much freedom lies ahead of you. Until they do, toddlers will be diving off of them — pants-less and mid-pee — into the arms of their unsuspecting parent forever. Constant vigilance is required to keep them from peeing in plain view of the public whenever a patch of grass and the call of nature combine. They’ll take one look or into the black hole of blue liquid hightail it out of there, no matter how badly they need to go, and wonder why their seemingly sensible parent tried to get them to sit naked in such a nasty place. Visit Pull-Ups® for tools, activities, and resources to make potty training fun for you and your toddler! My daughter will be 3 in February ANC I have felt HORRIBLE that she’s not potty trained! He tried once, and we had a day without accidents, but then he got sick and had a poo that hurt his bottom.
Pretty soon I will be backsliding to the point where I have to do five days worth of posts in one day. I didn’t find anything good at the thrift store EXCEPT for a new puzzle: this one is a 64-piece Richard Scarry puzzle, rated for ages five and up, and Emme did it in no time flat! Jack, on the other hand, ferrets out his FAVORITE kind of book — a big,colorful picture book that teaches numbers, letters, or shapes. It’s just that when I start investigating how to do it too many instructions make it seem hard. In Chicago, my job fulfilled the part of my personality that wants to try and make the world a better place (cliched, sorry) but I’m not doing anything now that alleviates my guilty feelings over having a nice life simply by being born into it.
I tried this one time a couple of years ago with Justin but he refused to take it seriously and tried to get away with listing the same thing every single day so I gave up.
Our food offering was delivered today around 11 am and I was pleased as punch seeing it sitting on their kitchen counter, taking up so much space.
They were so happy driving home and they fell asleep clutching their pumpkins they brought home from the party and singing Happy Birthday to each other. That’s important to remember while rinsing training pants in the toilet for the third time in a day.
Brushing teeth in toilet water, unrolling toilet rolls, taking out all the make up from the make up drawer, and so forth. Wiggling and squirming, he moans and complains about life in general, and about potties specifically. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. I’ve been in some form of potty training for over 5 years and it has been the most frustrating parenting struggle yet.
Now that we are well into the process, he is doing all his peeing on the pot and all his pooping in his pants.
He knows where he should go, tells me even when i ask him but still he goes where eve, when ever!
Put him back in diapers, put away the underwear, quit talking about it, wait a couple of months, and then see if you can convince him that it’s HIS idea to use the big boy potty. And as frustrating as it is, the best advice I got was to leave him alone and he will do it on his own eventually.
My second son we did the go naked thing and after one horrible day of messes he was potty trained.
Have him clean up everything, scrub the carpet, mop the floor, take away the toy he was playing with, but don’t put him back in pull ups (of course you have go clean in up after better).
And, when he does go on the potty make a HUGE deal about it, every time – positive reinforcement can go a long ways. He hung out with Pop Pop, went to the potty with Pop Pop was constantly asking and taking him. One of our girls actually potty trained herself because she was in a VBS group with kids a year older, and they all did it. If you can get that first public visit out of the way, your options open up as to where you can take your potty training kid. The possibility of this one becoming a reality is a rare one, but it’s still very much a possibility. Eventually you’re going to have to teach your little girl how to squat without peeing on their shoes. I think we’re going to try some of the suggestions in the back of the book, like writing a thank you note to our town firemen.
Such is the fate of most of my resolutions…they last about a week before going kaput. And once their shoes are on, they had best be hustled out the door within five minutes or all hell breaks loose. I decided to get them out of the house on an errand — I knew the park was probably going to be pretty soggy still.

So now is a good time to admit that I pinched Jack on his arm today in the store when he hit me because I put him back in the cart after he would not stop pulling things down from the shelves. On the opposite side of the spectrum I had one who potty traineda€”both day and nighta€”in six YEARS. I choose to capitalize on these hedonistic tendencies in my Wemmick children by making potty training day brimming full of all their favorites delights. He stays happy with music and dancinga€”all centered around the topic of potty traininga€”along with salty snacks and delicious drinks. Now, normally, this would mean that in the morning I would have Niagara Falls to contend with in the boy’s bedroom. At this point it’s no longer potty training (he knows when and how to go) it is now a battle of wills. My daughter (who is autistic and was 4 before she was trained) I told her that she would have to changer her own diapers (at 3) if she wouldn’t use the potty and she did a really good job of that. It’s a matter of will and I know it but I have a new baby and I can’t do it any longer! I will try the the tricks and will let you know my success story *optimistic* Thank you, mommies! Heck, I’ve been potty trained for 30 years and there are still times (thanks to two kids!) that waiting for a potty seems impossible. I did night n day together for child 2 as child 1 who was potty trained at two was almost a full year still in nappies at night n woke up soaked in a morning. All she had to do was tell her 2 boys to pee pee on a bug and they were miraculously potty trained! Pretty sure I can hear all the other mommies amen-ing as well :) And the too-small diaper is genius and made me laugh. I finally told her that I wouldn’t let her wear diapers anymore, and we sat in the bathroom all day and watched Mary Poppins on the portable dvd player. It is so cute and I have been meaning to take pictures of them while they’re doing it and finally got around to it today.
So me having to search for keys, even for five minutes, provoked weeping and wailing…imagine what life looked like when the search stretched on to forty-five minutes.
First: I am grateful that I found my keys before I asked Justin to drive all the way home to give me his.
After our food delivery, our day was pretty uneventful up until nap time; I made the poor kids come along to a few yard sales and then we headed home for lunch and nap. I do this in hopes that it will translate into the potty chair also being brimming full of all the goodness coming out the other end.
Boy gets to sit and watch a video first thing in the morninga€”while drinking juice and eating fishy crackers with lots of salt. Am I dreaming?A  What’s more incredible is that Mom now presents him with a Popsicle. The pooping thing seems to take a little longer for them to get the hang of because it doesn’t happen as often as the peeing does. I say I am scarred from potty training baby girl #1, and I don’t want to potty train baby girl #2!
I just prayed and put into God’s hands and trusted Him that when she was ready it would happen.
Was refreshing to hear from larger families , that it is okay to wait till they are older- esp. I bought lots of underwear with his fav charterers on them but still nothing… he will pee them and play in them like nothing bothers him…. Show him where you keep the clean underwear and when he has an accident let him feel the yuck. Because my kids are big and by the time she was 4, her bottom wouldn’t FIT on the portable potty anymore!
We got a giant stack of books this time, because last trip, almost every book I got was a bust — either too boring or too scary. Pretty soon he scootsa€”potty and alla€”across the room to a corner with his back to everyone else.
I’ve seen this kind of thing happen with my friends who have incredibly amazing children. So I told her that if she wakes up dry and goes to the bathroom first thing in the morning by herself for a couple of nights she doesn’t have to wear a diaper at night any more. I guess because I know how great it is to not change his diaper ?Y?‰ Anyways, thanks again for posting this and for being honest! When she turned 4 I explained that the diapers didn’t fit anymore and that she now HAD to use the potty. Have him go pee every 20-30 minutes (you can make him sit backwards so he doesn’t pee everywhere) make him drink tons of water so he feels successful every time.
We’d had it since she was 18 months and she never really used it because she HATED the idea of going potty! I started to take them to the park but suddenly got very attached to the idea of not getting in the car at all; so we went into the back yard and hung out for about an hour and a half until lunch time. While he’s happily sucking it down, he notices an object in the middle of the kitchen. I think she has done it but I really don’t want to clean an accident, so I am waiting a few more days.
It turned out ok which I am glad about because I was kind of embarrassed back in the day to share with other mom’s how weak I felt in that area. I was seconds away from taking him up on his offer when I found the keys buried deeply in the cushions of a couch I had not sat on for days and days.
This teaches them accountability and they end up shaming themselves for what they have the power to prevent. Only now he’s 5 and he wears a watch to tell him to go potty every hour and he STILL wets his pants at least twice a day!
Emme started doing the CUTEST THING while we were out there — she decided I was Abby, Jack was Elmo, and she was Zoe. I just figured it would take my mind of things but it was the wrong thing to try to do — I was short-tempered because of the news and the kids can do one thrift store fine, two is cutting it close, and three is the nuclear option, only to be attempted when there are no other options.
By the third I was gritting my teeth and glaring at them and wanting really, really badly to hulk out but didn’t want any of the other shoppers to see me at my worst.
I think in a few weekends we’ll have a pee pee party for BOTH of the big boys and I’m MAKING my husband take one for the team! Emme always sits in the seat of the basket and Jack sits in the back, ever since Emme’s experience with tumbling out of the basket on to the Wal Mart floor.
Chocolate bars, trips to the bouncy zone, even a talking Woody Doll after a week with no daytime accidents! The thought of being stuck in the house with these kids with no means of escape was claustrophobic to me. Today, for some reason, she decided that she was going to grab on to a hank of Jack’s hair and pull. My littlest turned 4 in September and like his friends at preschool he can load and play most Wii games, write his name, read small words, and sneak cookies from the pantry with great stealth! They just run wild and the only way to get them to behave themselves is to absolutely lose it — screaming at the top of my lungs.

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