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Once your child begins to show all the signs of potty-training readiness, then you can clear a spot on your calendar for 3 intensive days of real potty training. According to what I have heard, the original method requires that you let your child run around the house buck naked. Gather your childa€™s favorite toys in a location near the bathroom, and let the day proceed as usual. Stay close so that if your child starts to pee outside of the bathroom, you can catch it right away, and lead them quickly into the potty to finish the process.
If your child seems to be catching on to the whole pee-in-the-potty concept after the three days, then you are ready to move on to Phase 3: Follow Up.
Now, when your child has an accident, your approach should be a little different than it was during the intensive 3-Day phase. For the next month or so after the three days of intensive training, expect accidents to occur on occasion. An extension of Follow Up a€“ a fourth phase, if you will a€“ would be night-time or sleep-time training. Dona€™t worry if it doesna€™t happen as soon as you think it should: boys, in particular, can take years to develop the physical ability to hold their pee in their sleep.
We are currently in the Pre-Training phase with my 16-month-old son, and Ia€™m proud to report that he peed in the actual potty for the first time just the other day! Anne is the wife to a wonderful, caring husband and mommy to two wildly-tender little boys.
Choose three days where you have no obligations, or you can cancel any obligations you do have (for many people, a long weekend is ideal).

Review how it is used, and give them a practice run to start off the day.Make sure ita€™s very clear that this is the only place where pee-pee and poo-poo happen!
Because pee-pee is definitely going to happen, and ita€™s probably not going to be in the bathroom for the first day.
Every 30 minutes, call your child into the bathroom and have them sit there for a little while. Your baby has now learned to recognize the signals that his body needs to relieve itself, and knows what to do about it. My son was very partial to gummy bears and looked forward to getting one every time he peed in the potty. Make sure you give your child every opportunity to go potty before you leave the house, while youa€™re out, and when you come home. Depending on the age and maturity (and physical ability) of your child, it might take even longer. This usually happens a while after day-time training and totally depends on your childa€™s readiness.
Hea€™s not ready for the intensive session yet, but I am confident he will get there, and will be just as successful as his older brother.A  I highly recommend this method of potty-training to everyone! I’m going to beginner as you change your web blog, how to sign up to for any site internet site? If you have other children, find babysitters for them if you can, or plan to occupy them with TV for most of the day.
I dressed mine in a t-shirt and undies so that he could have easy access to do his business.

Make sure they understand how awesome it is that they are learning to pee in the right place. Constantly ask your child if they feel a need to go, and encourage them to use the potty if they think they should. You probably wona€™t want to deal with cleaning up messes in the car seat or grocery cart, so consider some underwear with waterproof lining, or cloth potty trainers. But as long as the general trend is one of progress, keep on trucking and continue to be consistent. The No Sweat Potty Training program has a step by step process thata€™s super easy to follow!
If your child is just not getting it by the third day, then youa€™ve lost nothing but three days of your life. One friend of mine would put cloth diapers underneath a pull-up, so that the feeling of the underwear was still there (and so was the uncomfortable-ness in the event of an accident), but the mess was minimal. She was born smack dab in the middle of 10 children and loves being able to stand out amongst the big crowd with her corner of the blogosphere, Quick and Easy, Cheap and Healthy, where she blogs about how to make healthy food without losing money, time, energya€¦ or your sanity.

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