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October 7, 2010 by Chrystal Johnson 15 Comments Potty training has been a huge theme in our house lately and, as I mentioned Tuesday, we’ve tried just about everything.
At first glance on the store shelf, I didn’t think there would be much difference between them, but we quickly found there is a HUGE difference. You might be temped to choose the brand that features your child’s favorite character, but I’d consider the differences between them first. The worst part about the Pampers, besides the amount of leaks we had in them, is that they don’t come apart easily on the sides. So if you’re deciding between buying Huggies Pull-Ups and Pampers Easy Ups, I’d definitely recommend going with Huggies. The content on Happy Mothering is provided for educational and informational purposes only, and is not intended as medical advice. At home we just pre-snapped the bottom snaps of our pocket diapers, which allows us to pull them up just fine (mostly).
Huggies easy-open sides mean that you can open the diaper and close it back up again if you need to. This morning we got moving somewhat faster and we did make it out to the awesome Splash Pad where we had a great time.
After dinner we played outside with the neighbors and I got to see our newest neighbor who was only 4 days old!
I should also mention that LP peed in the potty quite a few times over the weekend and has started asking for diaper changes more often. After so much stubbornness she now recognizes her need to go, holds it, and gets to the potty in time, on her own.
Since my daughter has begun to use the potty regularly, she gets up at least twice, if not three times, during her rest time to use the potty. I’m burning calories in odd ways — shouldn’t there be more of a baby weight loss payoff? The Pampers Easy Ups were made of a softer, stretchier material, but surprisingly the fit wasn’t as good on Zoe as with the Huggies Pull-Ups.
For some reason, the Huggies Pull-Ups are the only thing she doesn’t pee through regularly.
Because even those these have fancy names and images, they’re still diapers and they encourage the child to use them as a toilet. The pampers seem to fit my daughter a little tighter so they are less noticeable under her clothes but when they are messy they are MESSY! Please consult with a qualified health care professional before acting on any information presented here. Sometimes I do unsnap them right at the last moment and put them on as I would have before.
So for there we had to switch from Pampers Cruisers, which we’ve been using very happily for a while now to either Huggies Pull-Ups or Pampers Easy-Ups.
Again, the hight difference is obvious, as the Pampers (on the right) comes all the way up to Cthlooloo’s head and bunches there.

Not sure if you can see that the middle bit of the Pampers is folded over more cause it is deeper, but it is. We were going to go out to the splash pad, but we got moving so late that it wouldn’t have been worth it.
They are not even related, but they look so much alike that after two years of seeing them I still have trouble telling them apart sometimes. Most of these kids have been together since they were really little (some since they were all about three months old), so they know each other so well that it’s great to see them play.
After about an hour in the water he wanted to go to the swings at the playground that’s right there. Then it seemed like LP was about to nap, but he nursed for a bit and then wanted to go downstairs. You have to pay attention to your child’s cues for when they’re planning to pee or poop — my daughter was using her Pull-Up as a glorified diaper for far longer than I ever anticipated she would.
But before we reached that point, I had to spend a few days asking her every 15 minutes if she had to use the potty.
The Pampers have that chemical filled absorption material in them that becomes really squishy and horrible smelling when they get wet. The Huggies have Velcro closures on either side, so although they look more like big girl pants, they’re easier to change.
The idea is that your child goes around the house completely naked from the waist down for three days. She hates being dirty, and even hates spilling water on herself, so I think it might be the push she needs.
Sometimes when pulled up they kind of get bunched funny and need to be unsnapped and refastened. I’m sure there are other pull up style diapers from other brands, but we can get these two very easily. Looking at the pictures of one on top of the other, we an see that the Huggies are wider and shorter and the Pampers are taller and skinner. Both numbers are in the single percentiles, but he’s still growing, following his chart, and blowing the major milestones out of the water. We’d never been there before but it was basically a big room with tons of bounce houses. Then inside for quick bath and after that we had meltdown I-didn’t-nap toddler time, so we skipped teeth brushing, went straight to nursing and LP fell asleep super quickly, which gave Darius and I a little bit of extra hangout time. I’m honored to feed him and help those chubby thighs expand, but his eating schedule made it incredibly difficult to be consistent with potty training my strong-willed daughter — it also didn’t help that for the longest time she could care less about running around wearing a full diaper. But the road to potty training while nursing wasn’t easy, and there are still challenges as I learn how to mother two children at once and tend to their very different needs. She started telling us when she had to go but would rush off to her favorite corner to make it happen rather than set foot in the bathroom. Though I silently cursed Pull-Ups, I was happy that I didn’t have to worry about attending to bodily functions for the next few minutes.

While I am proud of my daughter’s independence, I often have to interrupt my son’s feeding and sleepiness to trot up the stairs and make sure my little lady is wiping properly and help her pull up her undies and pants.
I think that Pampers are more for when they are almost finished with potty training but need that little extra protection and Huggies are more for beginning stages of potty training. I looked online for comparisons, but I can only seem to find comparison blogs for the girls styles. Pampers Easy-Ups has Diego with a soccer ball and Diego with dragonflies (with LP keeps calling butterflies).
One of the things you can see when the diapers are open is that the Huggies design is more visible through the inside than the Pampers design, especially in the back. Little Prince took to it like he was born to jump (he’s really into jumping on everything these days).
It’s not about her level of patience, it’s about the capabilities of her bladder and bowels. So for visual characters I think that Huggies wins this round…unless you have a child who is terrified of monsters and refuses to wear the ones with Sully on them. This is because Huggies has separate Pull-Ups for daytime and nighttime where as Pampers Easy-Ups are for both day and night use. I only have the day Huggies because we’re still using Pampers Baby-Dry (not -Ups style) for nighttime. The only things he didn’t like was when the music was too loud and the shark head at the beginning of the Finding Nemo bouncescape. Also I know that LP is very verbally advanced, but after seeing him with his peers, yeah…wow.
We can all thank Darius for trying to show LP Monsters, Inc before he was ready for it for that. He fell back asleep nursing and then popped off still asleep after half an hour and stayed asleep for over an hour more. The other problem with a variety of characters instead of one character in different scenes is that your toddler might start to insist that he only wants to wear Buzz Lightyear. Field tests confirm this as the only time in recent times that Little Prince has leaked through his diaper at daycare was when we sent a pack of Huggies daytime Pull-Ups. He slept a good 2? hours, which is unusual because his normal weekend naps are about an hour and a half (maybe two if we are lucky). Then again, Little Prince runs on the tiny and skinny side of the scale, so maybe it was just the dimensions fitting him better instead of the amount of padding.

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