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The first week is where you’re going to be watching your pup like a hawk, making sure you intervene before any accidents happen. Though most dogs can handle sleeping through the night without accidents keep in mind that their bladders are awfully small so if you can avoid sleeping in I’d do so. When you consistently praise your puppy for going outside they’ll start to understand that going potty outside is the best decision available.
Peeing & pooping outside is awesome, and great things come to pups that do awesome things.
Though it differs by each individual dog this is the time when most will come up with their own little way of letting you know they’ve got to go.
Once your dog knows how to get your attention when he’s got to go you can relax a little and congratulate yourself on a job well done. How to potty train a yorkie puppy - yorkie house training, How to potty train a yorkie puppy - yorkie house training tips - housebreaking yorkie puppies fast & easy. Yorkie « puppy training fast track, Y ou can potty train your yorkie, without expensive obedience schools, hours of pulling your hair out, and finally enjoy your puppy like the day you brought him home….
Puppy obedience training – how to care for a puppy, It is most effective and least risky to start our puppy with reward obedience training. Puppy potty training – facts and myths – shiba shake, Puppy potty training begins, by setting up a schedule.

Learning how to potty train your puppy can be a bit of a nightmare - but with some patience and a good amount of consistency this experience will form the foundation for a great relationship with your dog. Bringing home a new puppy is always an exciting event – their wagging tail, glowing smile and eagerness to please instantly lights up your world.
Learning how to potty train a puppy is one of the most urgent concerns for any new dog owner – especially if you intend on having your puppy live inside with you. The first thing you should know is that a puppy is a baby animal, and just like human babies they do not yet have full control over their own bodily functions. The first week is where the training magic happens, and the second week is all about consistency. You want your dog to be the proudest creature on earth every time he pees or poops outside. Of course, with bigger bladders and possible past experience they generally catch on really quickly.
They are probably the most adorable creature you could imagine and the best new addition any family could hope for. This can be a particularly stressful and trying time, as you can be sure that with even a handful of small accidents your carpet will potentially be ruined. Keep them in your sight at all times and take them out every time they start to wander off.

The worse part is how often they need to go – seriously, how much poop can one small puppy make? Until about five minutes later when they start to piddle or poop on your living room floor. You’ll no doubt find yourself tirelessly cleaning up messes in an effort to make your carpet spotless once again, only to turn around and see your puppy has already left another one for you. Unless you give them proper guidance on where they should be doing said business then they will quickly learn to see every inch of your house as a potential toilet. It can quickly become very hard to stay on top of, especially when you don’t know how to potty train your puppy the right way.
The good news is that they naturally want to please you, and if you show them that going potty in the right place is a good thing then they will naturally want to continue doing it.

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