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I ask you, How on Earth do moms ever get their sons to take over and not give themselves, and every other inch of the bathroom, a Golden Shower in the process?
Everett sat down on the toilet for most of his first year after being potty trained, so I think we lucked out!
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With interactive gatefold flaps, this book addresses the perennial toddler issue of potty training. My mom has accompanied me and the boys into a public bathroom several times now, and she has the same problem with aiming for them as I do.

In a very realistic, child-appealing text, it describes how a gender-neutral toddler struggles to learn how to use the potty.
Yet no matter how carefully I aim Those Little Troublemakers of theirs, I can’t hit the bowl.
Her screeches and laughter drift over the stall wall to me as I wrestle with my own guy’s little fire hose.
With interactive flaps and child-appealing text, the author describes the steps a toddler must go through in learning how to use the potty. As with her other books Karen has illustrated this lift the flap book with fun, colorful pictures that kids relate so well to.

The woman raised four daughters, so I guess it’s no surprise that her aim is just as terrible as mine. One of my sons proudly handled the whole affair himself the other day, from dropping his own pants to flushing, and then strutted back out of the bathroom with a dripping wet forehead. Karen Katz has been putting out wonderful books for babies and toddlers for so long that she was the natural choice when we were looking for a fun book to read about potty training.

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