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So what do you do if you child will not go or refuses to go poop in the potty or the toilet. Children may end up in this cycle because they had a negative or uncomfortable experience with bowel movement. Because there are different reasons for this, here are some proven suggestions to help break your child pooping in their pants.
Some kids modifying diet isn't enough, they need a stool softener to take the process out of their control.
Often the quickest way to success is to make steady, little steps forward, rather than just trying again to get him to go straight from diapers back to the fearsome potty. Alan Greene earned a bachelor's degree in the history and philosophy of science from Princeton University. SHE fears the POOP - whether Pull-Ups or Toilet, it's all about the Poop, and being afraid of it hurting due to hardness. Just last night, after 5 days of bribes, encouragement, behavior modification, sternness, talks, back to bribes and then US AS PARENTS getting scared, I took her in her room, GAVE HER THE CHOICE, Diapers or Toilet, didn't care if it was ON THE FLOOR at this point, I just wanted her to poop - she choose Diapers - and in her bedroom, begged me to not "make" her go poop, afraid it would "Hurt", etc - I then got SERIOUS with her, reminded her that she's had her "Powder" (which is Miralax she's been on since age 2 to INSURE softness, she gets 1 cap full every OTHER day and for these past almost 3 years, she's been SO "soft" that if we WERE to add anything else, it would POUR OUT OF HER-happens if we give even a bit extra), - AND THAT "IF she DOESN'T GO RIGHT NOW, Mommy is going to have to take her to Hospital because this is VERY UNHEALTHY!!". The SECOND she stood up with her "Fresh and ready-for-more" Diapers, she started her famous speech about how "that's all!!
If taught with consistency and dedication, dogs can learn good potty manners in short order.
Once your puppy has learned to potty outside, expect setbacks in his training with the onset of adolescence. If you have an adult dog who suddenly begins having accidents in the house, thoroughly examine all aspects of his health and environment to determine the cause.
Expect most puppies to demonstrate reliable potty habits by the time they reach 4 to 6 months of age. As long as medical reasons have been ruled out, re-establish a reliable routine with your adult dog. In a large bowl, combine the cranberry sauce, pineapple, marshmallow, cherries and the lemon juice.
Uncover the pot and cook for another 9 to 11 minutes, or until most of the liquid has evaporated.

Previous article Potty Training Regression – Is Stress Causing Potty Regression in Your Child? He can keep his diaper on, he can be across the room from the potty, but he's in the right room. He can sit on the floor, on the potty with the lid down, on the potty with the lid up, or wherever he wants in the room. He is on the clinical faculty at Stanford University School of Medicine where he sees patients and teaches residents. Greene's HouseCalls, the first pediatric Web site, where he answers pediatric questions submitted by readers from all over the world. Even with good training, many puppies and dogs experience setbacks with accidents inside the house.
Sudden changes in his daily routine -- feeding schedules, the amount of time he spends alone or the addition of new family members, human or animal -- can all disrupt his potty routine and lead to accidents. Revert back to basic potty training, keeping him confined or under close supervision while inside the house. In a bowl, whisk together the eggnog and pudding mixes; mix for 2 minutes, or until slightly thickened. Upon completion of his pediatric residency program at Children's Hospital Medical Center of Northern California, he served as Chief Resident. During this period, his hormones rage and he can become easily distracted, making him forget his potty manners.
If your dog's schedule has remained consistent, visit your veterinarian to rule out medical causes such as bladder infections, kidney infections or a disease such as Cushing's. Set reasonable expectations on the amount of time your dog can hold his bladder and set a regular schedule for potty breaks throughout the day. Take him outside for regular potty breaks and reward successful elimination outside with treats.
If it is, figure out why (difficulty getting cooperation in many areas, difficulty breaking away from play, defiance, etc.) and address the underlying issue. If you'll establish a consistent daily routine for your dog, know his normal eating and potty habits, and set realistic expectations for him, he'll be much less likely to suffer setbacks.

Young dogs experience learning plateaus, suddenly seeming to unlearn the things they've been taught.
Realize that a dog forced to remain in confinement beyond his ability to hold his waste will learn to soil his sleeping area. Maintain a consistent feeding schedule, taking him outside 20 to 30 minutes after his meals. But this also runs the risk of giving the child the connecction that: no pain with diapers and it hurts to go poop in the potty - so potties are bad. Miralax is a powder, mixed into a glass of liquid, that helps increase the water content of stool, thus reducing constipation. Once he has comfortably pooped in the right room for 3 days or more, he can take another little step when he seems ready. As a general rule, don't expect your puppy to hold his bowels or bladder any more hours than his age in months. If this occurs with your dog, apply strict house rules and reinstate potty training from square one. For example, a 3-month-old puppy should be able to wait three hours before going outside to potty. Finally, thoroughly clean up any accidents using an enzymatic cleaner to remove all traces of his scent from carpets and furniture. With your consistency, your dog will normally correct the behavior within a couple of weeks. Since pet urine contains ammonia, such products can actually encourage him to soil the same area again.

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