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The Best Bottom Training Kit was designed with the help of toddlers to encourage your child to take ownership of their potty training.
The folks at Best Bottom went to the experts when they designed their potty training system--we're talking about toddlers, of course! There are a lot of potty training options on the market these days, but the Best Bottom Potty Training Kit has a lot to offer.Best Value - Compared to other trainer kits, the Best Bottom kit is more affordable and costs less per change. FeelWET™ - When your child feels wet, he or she will be more likely to want to change his or her pants. Kids' Choice - These training pants were designed with toddlers' likes and dislikes in mind. You may be wondering, "what about #2?" If your child should soil their training pant, have them gentle slide the training pant down their legs and off their feet.

If your child needs additional absorbency, we recommend the Best Bottom doublers and overnight inserts in sizes small or medium.
Flip Potty Trainers are a unique pull-up, pull-down, snap-off, one-size potty training system made with replaceable one-size pads. My son is small for his age and he has already outgrown the largest size in these trainers. My older 2 never needed trainers so when my third child proved more challenging, I set out to find something to help with the transition. I was unsure about spending so much on a trainer when I've already trained three babies with just cheap padded gerber underwear but I'm so glad I gave these a try.
He was at the point in his potty training where he knew to go to the bathroom when he needed to pee but hadn't yet figured out the idea of "urgency".

Chose Best Bottoms because I love that they are so similar to underwear but offer more leak protection than the padded one piece styles. They pull up and down and look like real underwear which is a must bc my baby will fight anything that looks like a diaper now. I could change the liner after a small accident, wipe out the cover and snap in a new one. I have two sets alternating covers at each change so we get six changes from the two sets making it much more affordable than it first seemed.

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