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Peeing in the toilet is no problem for your four-year-old, but he’s suddenly developed an aversion to pooping there. It’s quite common for a preschooler to withhold their poop, says Fabian Gorodzinsky, a community paediatrician and an associate professor at Western University in London, Ont. Gorodzinsky says withholding often happens after an attempt at toilet training when children just aren’t ready, emotionally or physically. If a child who’s resistant to having BMs on the toilet asks for a diaper, give it to him, Gorodzinsky advises. Kids are often reluctant to use the toilet because they aren’t big enough to sit comfortably and bear down effectively; they’re too busy holding themselves up or their feet are dangling in mid-air. A diet low in fibre or containing too much milk can contribute to constipation, says Gorodzinsky. When preschoolers poop their pants, it’s usually a result of chronic constipation, says Gorodzinsky. Other common problems include a child’s fear at seeing her poop go down the toilet, fear of seeing or hearing the toilet flush, and, as mentioned, fear of painful bowel movements caused by constipation. Banish other “toilet monsters” with a well-placed night light and a few flushing sessions together to reassure your child that she won’t disappear down the toilet along with her poop. Kids in the process of potty training may feel mortified if they wake up soaking wet in the morning. Being scolded for accidents can erode confidence, says Mia Lang, an Edmonton paediatrician. However, 3 days ago, she started to refuse to sit on the toilet for pooping, so she does that in her pans. By clicking "Create Account", I confirm that I have read and understood each of the website terms of service and privacy policy and that I agree to be bound by them. So I've noticed tons of parents say they are going to start potty training soon and thought it would be a good idea to post some tips.
Many times when children are potty training things happen that cause them to regress slightly, and sometimes regress completely.
If you are a single mom and you have a boy, you may be concerned about being able to potty train your son.

We are publishing this story, in a hopes that if anyone knows of a child being abused or neglected that they stand up and get the help for the child before it is to late! With the economy getting worse, and budgets getting tighter – should you spend alot of money on a themed potty chair? They were giving them in every box of pull-ups, now you can purchase them by themselves ONLY at their exclusive store.
Often, the problem quickly becomes a vicious cycle: Your little guy probably got constipated and had an uncomfortable bowel movement.
So it may be that simply backing off for a bit and giving your child more time with diapers will solve the problem.
Quite often, children who have had a bad experience need to take another run at toilet training. If constipation is a persistent issue, see your child’s doctor rather than resorting to mineral oil or laxatives.
Evelyn Robert, 3, was adapting well to using the big toilet until the temperature dropped — along with her enthusiasm. Even when we suggest her to go, she refuses, and then waits till the last moment and sometimes we manage to put her on the toilet in time, sometimes not. The good news is that you can still potty train your son and have him potty trained in the same amount of time as any other child. We have listed some resources below on places and people who you can talk to and get help from. Some take a regimented, reward-and-punishment approach, while others ease into it by encouraging poop talk. Do what your budget allows you to, but keep in mind that a potty chair is going to be a short term solution to potty training. But now, not keen to repeat that experience, he fights the urge to go — which worsens his constipation. One mom we know says, “We turn on the tap and encourage her to make what she calls poo-poo faces, which are what she does when she’s bearing down. The child actually stops feeling the urge to go and, when he does poop in his pants, he may not notice.

She may have been scared by the auto-flush in a public bathroom, or the size of your toilet might also be an issue. This means making a plan and sticking to it, whether you're at home, daycare, or on the town.
No matter what you choose for your child for seating arrangements, you know what works best for your child. Even if you've gone a while with successful bathroom trips, your child may experience accidents.
In that case, it might be a good idea to go back to pull ups until the routine is back and things are calmer.
Although it can make it easier to have a man show your son at times how to use the potty, you can still show him how to use the potty too.
And if you do manage to coax him back onto the toilet, another painful episode reinforces his fear. If your child has a public accident and decides he wants to go back to wearing training diapers temporarily, make sure no one knows about the switcheroo. Please check your email, click the link to verify your address, and then submit your comment.
Talk to your caregiver and anyone else who is involved with your children to approach potty training the way you do. Well, the good news is although most people will tell you that your child should be potty trained by the age of 2, statistics say otherwise. Once he’s comfortable on the potty, try moving to the toilet and take the same gradual approach.
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