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A: I totally agree with the idea of potty training being a challenging milestone, however as a professional potty trainer I begin with the end in mind and look at it as a milestone versus challenge. If a parent tries to rush potty training, will that added stress slow down the process with the child?
From your experience, what do parents get most frustrated by when attempting to potty train their child on their own? A: Attempting to potty train on your own as a parent is a beautiful thing, however it can get dirty pretty quickly if you try to follow books, or tips from friends, browsers, etc. Are incentives such as stickers or Hershey’s Kisses ultimately helpful or harmful in the long run? If we thought our child was ready for potty training and then realized she just isn’t getting it—is there any harm in calling it quits for a while and then resuming toilet training when she shows more readiness signs? My child is 4 and is still having frequent peeing accidents—should I be concerned that there may be an underlying problem, or just be more patient?
My husband gets so angry when my son has accidents in public, and he scolds our boy about them.
A: Fathers in general seem to take a lead approach in the family and find it very normal, however your child is training and so is dad. I was driving in an unfamiliar town when my 3-year-old told me he had to go poopy, but I was having trouble finding a place to take him.
A:We do offer EC or more widely known as Elimination Communication or Infant Potty Training, and soon our classes will be available in every city.
My friend has begun using the EC technique and has been hounding me to give it a try with my newborn, often making me feel guilty.
What are your general thoughts about parents who are taking an EC approach with their babies and allowing them to sit bare-bottomed out in a public restaurant? Do you encourage parents to carry a small portable potty with them so their child can go at any time? Any other comments on the phenomenon of potty training becoming too “public” these days? A: Our number one clientele tends to be children with special needs, however all clients display an equal desire to share the value and importance of using our approach to potty training with friends. What advice do you have particularly for parents of children on the autism spectrum for toilet training a 5- or 6-year-old? 1.      Familiarize Your Son With The Potty – If your little boy is not familiar with the potty or potty chair, you will want to get them familiar with it.
2.      Start Small – Boys often are perfectly fine peeing on the potty either standing up or sitting down.
5.      Transition to the Big Potty – This can prove to be a difficult task to transition your son to the big potty in some families. As you and your son move through the potty training stage, remember that it is a process for both of you.
About KatKat is a married mom of three kids aged 13, 4, and 2 that lives close to Birmingham, AL.
I decided, though, that the lure of Elsa and Anna might be just too hard to pass up so I created a Disney Frozen potty chart.
One of her Christmas presents came in the box we now use as the Frozen Treasure Chest, but you could just as easily make one of your own with a shoebox or other small box. Unlike his past experiences, these training pants have easy-to-open sides for removing them (but not so easy-to-open that kids will accidentally unhook them when pulling up and down).
I set the alarm in the kitchen for 30-45 minutes and made sure to take the babies in then to go potty. My best potty training tip is to have a good reward set in place as positive reinforcement! We’re not quite there yet, so I’m just enjoying reading all of the tips I can get! We are just getting ready to potty train so I’m not sure what the best tip is, but I have heard that Cheerios are great for teaching boys to aim.
Always take the kids to potty when they say they need to go even when you think or know they dont have to because if you dont they will think you dont want them to go in potty. My best potty training tip is easy, be really encouraging, and if they have a accident, don’t get upset, it is all about support. My best potty training tip is to not pressure your kids because they will get too nervous to do it.
My best potty training tip is make a chart and at the end of the week if they when to the potty consistently with few accidents, I let them pick out a prize from the prize chest. One thing I've noticed with both kids is that they were deathly afraid of the potty ring that goes on top of the regular toilet. I'm sure potty training a girl is different than a boy so the Kolcraft Stand Up Trainer will be interesting.
I tried oh so hard to stay away from this one but one's failure could also be seen as success. Children get excited over achieving the smallest task so why not give extreme praise for going to the potty?

I can't tell you the numerous times we have had to pull off and hunt down a restroom when Kenzie had "to go". Enjoy every single day – Regardless of what is going on enjoy each and every single day with your little one!
All-in-one training pants – All-in-one training pants, like Pampers Easy Ups, help toddlers train during the day while protecting them at night and for those unforeseen accidents. July 22, 2013 by Kimberly Sneed 2 CommentsThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Huggies Pull-Ups. Pull-Ups helps take the scare out of potty training by making it fun and easy with new Monsters U character training pants! Sometime before the year 2000, a woman by the name of Ingrid Bauer was touring India and noticed that the new mothers over there were not using diapers like new mothers do in the West. Every parent looks forward to the end of diaper days, but you should not rush your child into potty training.
Letting a child older than 30 months soil and wet herself several times a day is an insult to the child’s intelligence. The infant potty training involves the basics of learning about the timing, vocalization, your infant’s elimination body language and patterns of walking and feeding.
Potty training your child can be difficult and you have to clean up the mess when your child do not use potty.
A parent may look at it the same way in most cases, however I need to also acknowledge the emotional attachment a parent has towards the child and familiarity sometime can definitely create a bit of trouble for most.
What does your boot camp entail—and are the kids potty trained at the end of the boot camp session (5 days)?
We tried putting underpants under his pull-ups so he would feel the wetness, but it doesn’t seem to bother him, and he laughs. What is the best way for parents to deal with too-frequent mishaps, and is scolding ever a good option? I suggest you approach your husband at a time when he is calm, in a good mood and explain to him the training factor (time), and how children develop over a long period of time. Today’s market offers us a number of solutions and if you like the eco approach I suggest eco-friendly bags that you can use to cover a potty chair in your car. Like many parents, I have my doubts about this—how is it really possible for a baby as young as a couple of months old to understand cues from a parent?
Doubting is totally understandable, and I believe it is most likely because we are trained to believe that if we communicate most of the times using words to express our needs, feelings and desires everyone else needs to do the same in order to get along or meet their needs. A: In our experience and research for over 16 years with different groups of parents we came to believe that only a group of parents may benefit from this approach. She loves cats, books, cooking, hockey (especially the Chicago Blackhawks & Pittsburgh Penguins), and watching movies. I was surrounded by my friends who potty trained their child at one year or soon thereafter. Kenzie grew out of that fear and used the potty ring like a pro but in the beginning there was some innate sense of falling in the toilet because her feet dangled.
I bribed Mason with a piece of Halloween candy to sit down on the toilet without his diaper.
It's much easier to pull off on a road and open the trunk and let your child go in the portable toilet because they really do not know the meaning of holding it yet.
Using an all-in-one training pant, like Pampers Easy Ups with fun designs for your toddler, is a great tool for potty training. I love sharing travel adventures, tech gadgets, recipes, parenting struggles (success), crafts, helpful tips, giveaways and sweepstakes, product reviews, and more. If you’ve been following along on our potty training adventure with our 2-year old Alex, we’re giving a little update and recap today!
You can help make potty training easier by staying consistent and using rituals like the potty break.
She refuses to go and when she does, she will pass gas, state that she has peed and then leave. Successful potty training requires complex coordination of physical control and intellectual development. Actually, it is easier to train a child at 20 months than it is to wait much past the child’s second birthday. You should follow a personalized approach when preparing your little girl for potty training.
Brain development continues until 25 years old (most researchers suggest 21), however children do what they see and learn from their most influential person in their lives and if scolding continues I believe your child may associate accidents, potty, and other activities he does not excel at in the moment with a negative experience, therefore contributing to a low self esteem which in return can lead to other problems in his development. However, we do recommend it to any new parent since there are different levels you can start at when it comes to EC, more widely known as Elimination Communication, or Infant Potty Training. I also believe that every single individual including our infants are unique and have different needs. Set a timer with your phone or a standard kitchen timer to help you remind the child to use the potty.
She is an admitted nerd, comic book lover, action figure & barbie doll collector, blackjack dealer, beginner croupier, and all around queen of the dorks.

An admitted nerd, dork, movie & comic geek, traveler, and gamer, my 3 kids, husband, and I love to check out the newest games & movies.
With Kenzie, I tried early however we ended up waiting for her to be ready for it to be successful.
I constantly felt pressured to get Kenzie on it but with a full-time job out of the home and mad traffic that sucked all the hours of the day away from me, it was difficult to be consistent with her. When Mason saw the Sesame Street Elmo potty he immediately started playing with it, dragging it around and taking it apart. Ironically, Kenzie was showing Mason how to "use it" and he imitated her moves with his pants on. I think one of the main recipes for success is to try to wait until your child seems ready or interested. We allow one photo with a direct link back to the appropriate project or recipe when featuring our work.
Any one in your family who has patience and interest can use the infant potty training in a fun and gentle way. As making your child to use toilet tub is a big and motivating step, ensure that you and your baby are ready to start toilet training. Once you learn how to potty train your child, it will become easier for you and your child. Some parents simply declare one day “no more diapers” and they do just fine; while some parents dedicate weeks and weeks in preparation without any success. You should tell your toddler that he cannot enjoy the comforts of peeing and pooping in the diaper anymore.
When dealing with frequent accidents I suggest stay close to home for a period of time, get involved in your child’s daily life as much as possible and offer your child room to be a leader. The one to meet 99% of these needs is you, the parent, and if you are not secure enough, daring enough, or plain ready, I believe you are exactly where you need to be. Regardless of the type of potty that your son will be using, they will need to be familiar with it. Using positive reinforcement will build their encouragement and excitement about potty training.
I want to share 5 Potty Training Tips that worked for her and will hopefully work for Mason.
However, when she finally showed independent interest in using the potty as well as insisted upon no more diapers, it worked like a charm! After about 10 minutes of just sitting and playing around, he dumped a toy into the toilet bowl.
Even to this day, Kenzie gets excited about certain qualities of #2 when she goes and has to inform us, of course.
When I'm not blogging, you'll find me spending time with my family, traveling, cooking, geeking out on tech, plotting the next home improvement, create crafts with the kids, and hang with my pitbull Skittles and newest bunny, Bun Bun.
Now that we’re a couple of months in, I thought we should take a look back and share a few thoughts and Potty Training Tips from our experience. He still does not seem interested or willing while he’s at daycare, but for now we’re letting that go and continuing to support and reward him for a job well done at home! He also loves wearing the MonstersU Pull-Ups – in fact, Pull-Ups are one reason why we thought he might be ready for potty training. I think the key is to keep your cool, be patient and really understand that it is a learning process all around.
It can be a lengthy process, however the insight and savings make it worth it many times over. I do admit to slapping a diaper on her at night for about 3 months straight (in which she woke up dry) for my own sanity. You can enforce potty training habits while taking the pressure off the child to be perfect. Well there is a starboard in the app where you can reward your child with a star when they go potty! If she is getting ready to go into school and there is a need to move her along, try different reward and incentive systems to stir up interest! Potty training, parenting, and family are an intimate affair and you are the one in charge of that. Now Alex wanted to show off his Potty Training 101 knowledge…so here’s his Huggies debut! You may write a brief description in your own words when featuring our work, but you may not copy any of the steps in our tutorials or recipes.
I'm not saying to use candy all the time but there is nothing wrong with a small reward that your child likes to give encouragement.
I think the stars are incentive enough for him (at 2), but you can even have your kids rack up stars to unlock fun games and other features on the app.

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