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Any parent would prefer that potty training come as naturally as showing the child where the toilet is.
Mum and dad are the first heroes of a child, but perhaps they are hesitant to take the example when it comes to bathroom behaviour. Almost all shows for the young generation are full of catchy sing-along songs that kid’s will repeat until their parents are ready to go crazy.
Every child learns at a different pace, but luckily there are resources for parents who feel that they are not making any progress. It is important for all parents to refrain from becoming frustrated or punishing a child during the potty training phase. Sign-Up for our NewsletterDont miss out on an issue again, sign-up today and you will always be told about our latest release! March 20, 2014 by Cristy 2 Comments “I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Pull-Ups. As a Huggies Pull-Ups First Flush Ambassador, I’m here to tell you that potty training boys can be frustrating.
Unfortunately, it takes much more work and practice than simple instruction for any child to understand.

Whether it’s baby dolls or action figures, bring a couple of the favourite toys into the bathroom for a lesson.
Paediatricians in most major cities can provide assistance for finding new techniques and methods to try. Each toddler has a unique personality, which means creative potty training techniques are the most effective way to ensure a smooth transition to getting every child out of nappies. Use one toy to demonstrate the motions of sitting on the toilet, including every detail of wiping and washing hands. For example, toilet training in Irvine, California toddlers may lead to a larger variety of experienced physicians than in a small town. Being persistent and finding what works for your child will be key to potty training success! Let the toddler use their toy to mimic the same actions so that they can interact and become familiar with what to do.
It really does take a village to raise a child, so set an appointment specifically to discuss potty training concerns with the child’s personal doctor. So, I’m sharing my 10 potty training tips for boys that will make your potty-training journey a little easier!

My daycare told me she had the boys lift both toilet seats and hold on to the seat as it was propped up on the back of the toilet, this makes sure that their pee is aimed directly into the toilet, no spills or splatters. When they begin to recognize their own bodily signals, they should know exactly what to do.
I tried it put a little potty stool in front of the toilet and had him lift the lid – perfect every time. With pooping he just started saying mama poopie instead of pee so I told him to sit down and hold on, stood there to make sure he didn’t fall in and there you have it. Watching daddy helps, rewards are awesome, but give them encouragement and his favorite rewards are hugs and high fives.

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