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We are now officially in this potty training adventure with our 3-year old – and guess what? The toddler refuses to wear ANY clothes while on the potty, therefore strips leaving clothes everywhere. The kid apparently responds well to cupcakes, so cupcakes its what the kid gets when peeing in the potty. I swear my kid is manipulating us into letting him stay up from naps and sleeping by using this whole potty thing.

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Then he asked to be taken home.(His comment will only make sense, and make you laugh, if you are familiar with the Curious George oeuvre. UNLESS ROMAN SAYS YOU CAN!" Imagine that!Anyway, in honor of how big Roman is getting, tomorrow we are going to start Potty-Training Boot Camp. Plus, having to apologize to all guests who come over for the naked kid running around is getting old since most of our guests are our older kids friends.

Every time I tell him we need to go to bed, he throws out the potty card (which ends up with him playing in the bathroom!). While we knitted Rob assembled Roman's new Strider bike, which is a two-wheeled bike with no pedals.

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