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If you want to be successful in potty training your puppy, then you have to choose a tried and tested method.
Usually you should take him to the toilet straight after a meal, when he wakes up after a nap, after extended periods of play and excitement, and before you take him to bed. Unfortunately at least in the beginning you need to keep a constant eye on your puppy - or it will go anywhere.
Number one rule: do not hit or yell at your dog when he's not gone to the potty spot you assigned him. Your puppy wants to please you - so be patient and he'll soon learn where to go by himself with very little if any accidents.
If do not have an open area to train, you can lay down papers on an area where your dog can relieve himself.
From then onwards, all you need to do is to make sure that your dog relieves himself in his designated area.

It is designed to fit snug around your baby's head so your baby can wear them out and about, at home, or even during nap time. But not only that, you have to ensure you are committed - it's the key to successful potty training. If you feel you have no time to spend with your puppy now, maybe look for an already potty trained pup, or postpone getting a puppy until you can get some solid time together.
It's important to clean his potty spot often or he might just decide to go somewhere cleaner.
So feeding your dog solid food will make his doos more solid and hence easier for you to clean up.
You have to be consistent and patient, and soon your dog will know what to do, how and where to do it.
Keep in mind that it might take a few months before your dog is fully potty trained if you do not spend enough time training him in the beginning.

So it's important that you learn when to take him to his potty spot (oh, you have to decide on one before you bring him home. Also, beware of the tell tale signs of him needing to go: restlessness, digging, going around in circles or sniffing. If his potty spot is just too far to take him to while urinating, then just leave him to finish (he'll make less mess that way), then be more vigilant next time and take him to his potty more often.

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