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Please note that these training pants are NOT intended to function as a diaper or pull-up; those products are used for multiple accidents while keeping the child dry. Our potty training pants come in a variety of sizes and will fit babies, toddlers and kids up to age 6. For more information on bed wetting, we recommend you reading some of our books on this topic. It doesn't work well for my son. There weren't any good reviews to help me base my decision on, so I went with the larger size. Our return policy only states that the shipping back to our facility will be incurred by the customer.
We also recommend that you only try one of the pants on to see how they fit, so that the remainder can be exchanged.
At four and a half weeks the pups’ whelping box is changed from solely paper to paper with wood shavings. Since these pups are being raised with the Misty Method of potty training, they are able to be placed in areas with a nice carpet, food area and a potty station. Putting a rock in the water bowl to weigh it down prevents large-breed dogs from tipping the water bowl over.
The pups now have teeth and some dry kibble has been placed on the rubber mat for them to munch on.
Although this section is based on a whelping of an English Mastiff, it also contains good general whelping information on large-breed dogs. The Material contained herein may not be reproduced without the prior written approval of the author. In my first post here on The Scientific Parent, I’ll be discussing one of the least scientific areas of pediatric medicine — potty training. If you ask a preschool teacher when to potty train your child, the answer may be “before they start preschool” (because, while it’s not easy to herd a room full of 3-year-olds to the bathroom, it sure beats changing diapers). Here’s the main point: the time and effort involved with and needed for potty training depends largely on the child’s physical and cognitive development. The physical ability to walk to the potty, climb aboard, and pull pants up–or at the very least, down. And whenever you decide you’re ready, here’s the strategy I recommend to my patients (and the one that worked for my kids). Potty training requires some equipment that you may or may not already have (or that you may not have considered).
Set aside a weekend (or a couple weekdays, if that works with your schedule—they won’t know the difference), and plan to stay home the whole time. Going diaperless can be anxiety-provoking, especially for parents like me who cringe “every time a rug is micturated [peed] upon.” But it’s important, because being naked tends to make kids more aware of the need to go.
Until your child is able to hold it for extended periods of time, plan your activities accordingly. IMPORTANT!The information found on The Scientific Parent is not a substitute for the care and knowledge provided to you by your physician or board certified primary care provider. I`ve been desperate before a€“ thank the portapottie gods that they placed one there unlocked!We just had our second poop accident in the underwear today, and right now he is in his room with his little potty and I told him he can`t come out of his room until he poops in that potty. Night Time Training Pants should be used as a training tool for potty training children, and are designed to help do this. Both boys are heavy bed wetters, which the typical night time pull ups could not hold up to.

They are not as bulky as the night time training pants because they are made for daytime use.
A little bulky to wear - it wasn't an issue for us but may be to a child who is sensitive to that. Great Pants!! Can't return them, because it would cost more to exchange them: since I'd have to pay to ship them back and to have them re-shipped.
Pediatricians have a lot of scientific evidence to guide us towards appropriate treatment of ear infections, asthma, and a lot of other problems. I could potty train an 8-year-old in about 4 seconds (“Dude, pee in the toilet, or I’ll sell your iPad”). Feel free to modify it; as dogmatic as I can be when the evidence is clear-cut, in this case I take a much more relaxed approach to potty training. These make great disposable liners to keep you from having to empty and clean the potty seat every time.
Our family favorite was Potty Time with Abby Cadabby, but there are plenty of others out there.
Take them to the potty every 15-20 minutes, as well as any time you just get the feeling they need to go. You’ve rewarded your child during this whole process; now reward yourself, because this is one of the more frustrating tasks of parenthood, and you made it through. He’s also a resident physician in pediatrics whose passion is helping parents navigate the frustrating but imminently rewarding maze of parenting. Children from lower socioeconomic conditions, as well as those in African-American families, tend to potty train earlier. Demonstrate the process by putting underwear on a doll or stuffed animal, pointing out how dry they are, and showing how you take them off to sit on the potty seat. Encourage your child to go potty just before your leave the house, and limit your extended excursions away from home.
If your 9-year-old still asks for an M&M every time he poops in the potty, he’s milking it! But if the whole attempt went down in flames, take a break for a few weeks and try again later.
Pour yourself a glass of wine and take a long bath with a book [that doesn’t have button-activated flushing sounds], or find a babysitter and have a date-night. Pups that were not raised using the Misty Method would pee and poop all over this pen, soiling the carpet. Reward successful attempts with the treats you bought, and don’t punish accidents—we’re working on positive associations. Most toddlers around this age are very motivated by imitating older children, so really play up how special these “big-girl panties” are and how important it is to keep them dry.
Also, don’t forget that daytime and nighttime dryness are not the same — bedwetting is considered perfectly normal until 5 years of age, and is extremely common even after that. These training pants are designed for night time use, even though they are absorbent your child will still feel wet. I wish there is a way that I could get a refund becasue I now have 4 pair that is not good. Not sure if the snaps that do not work well are because of how they are sewn in or just a bad batch.
I am still having the odd pee where it shouldn't be, but most of the pee is on the paper where it should be.

It’s OK to put the diaper back on for naps or at night, but devote your daytime activities exclusively to potty training. I read all that is available online about potty training, but I was desperate, I didn`t know what to do, until a came accross a guide that saved me..
Not only is it easier on the breeder as far as cleanup, the new owners of these pups will have an easier time housebreaking their new puppy. An all-around mild mannered, wonderful Mastiff, Sassy, however, is not the best mother toward her puppies.
Promise a bigger reward (think: “toy store”) for making it through the day with dry underwear. Never had an `accident` but I can`t run a certain route round where we live because EVERY SINGLE TIME I have stop and to call to get picked up because I get terrible cramps and think i`m going to poop my pants.. Using the Misty Method of potty training pups while still at the breeder not only makes it easier for the breeder to keep the puppy area clean, it gives the pups a good head start on potty training. She is not rejecting them; she will nurse them when a human places them on her to feed, however she will not clean the pups or pay any attention to them. They are water resistant, so it takes a while longer for the pee to seep through, but they are not water-proof. Pups will not be 100% house trained when they leave the breeder, however, they will have the basic concept and will be easier to train as they already know there is a certain place to do your business; you do not eliminate wherever you please.
This litter is getting moma€™s milk with major human interaction, manually giving each and every pup what they need.
They are certainly less messy than underwear, -just don't think you are getting the cloth equivalent of a pull-up.
In return, the pups will be super socialized and will make remarkable pets, however the work involved is astounding. Our child is a very heavy sleeper and doesn't wake if she wets herself and is resistant to getting up in the night. The pages within include a wealth of information that everyone can appreciate and benefit from. I took his pull up off and told him to throw it away, we have been using these undies for 5 days and I bought him angry bird undies as well. I am happy to have a reusable training paint and no longer need to buy disposable pants but so far no real progress on finishing up the night time potty training.
My daughter looks like baby Huey and she doesn't feel like it's a step up to big pants more of a step down to baby diapers..
And I probably won't use them in the winter because I imagine it would be annoying to have so much material stuffed in her pants. Very absorbanr both day and night whenever she can't make it to her potty chair! Works great!
My daughter loves them because they snap off easily when she wears them for nightime and naps.
Some people in other reviews complained about how long it took the pants to dry but I find they dry in the same amount of time as other cotton items like towels.
We started out with only a couple of pairs of these and the other patty potty logo pullup training underwear.

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