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First things first, this is not a post on how to cloth diaper, what the different types of cloth diapers are, or any of the other million details that could be written about cloth diapering. You need about 24 diapers in your stash for 1 kid,  I wash on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and it’s just enough to get me through the weekend. Let’s assume we average 7 diaper changes per day over 2 years, about the age of potty training (side note: another benefit of cloth diapering is that children in cloth diapers generally potty train sooner!
People….this is a savings (for us) of $840 over 2 years!  Now, if we potty train Nolan before our next child is born (no, I’m not pregnant), we will save even more! The numbers speak for themselves but there is obviously a life-style factor when choosing cloth diapers vs.
Comments: Are you a cloth diapering mama?  Are you considering it?  What’s stopping you? Disclaimer: There are affiliate links to products on Amazon that we personally use in this post. My daughter had her first child 15 months ago, and it was definitely a financial decision to go with cloth disappearing. I find that it doesn’t take any more time to change a cloth diaper than it does to change a disposable (we always have some on hand, just in case, or for when we do weekend trips somewhere).
Super late to the party, but I just wanted to mention that I’m a full-time work out of the home mom (and so is Dad), and Daughter Person is in a daycare center in cloth. Cloth diapering is a great way to save some money and is something I’ve recommended to a few of my coaching clients in the past. I’m normally not squeamish, but when my wife suggested cloth diapers and told me how they worked, I almost had to pull over and redistribute my lunch. David, I think you could change your mind Jake is super squeamish about that stuff too and he’s all gung-ho cloth now!
I can honestly say that, due to the cost savings, this post will probably be a key factor in my being OK with cloth diapers when that day comes (although I still firmly believe my children will not poop, cry at night, or talk back). John, see my above response to Brian, it really truly doesn’t take any more time than disposables.

That is a pretty significant savings, but the extra time required would make me think twice. We thought about doing cloth diapers, but honestly it’s going to be all about time for us.
We have some friends who just use a regular closed lid trashcan for their used diapers and add baking soda. Sean, you’re not the only one concerned about time, but honestly, it takes the same amount of time. Cloth is cheaper, however, if you have 2 children and do not have access to laundry and pay $2 each load, the cost is close to the same.
Steve, you’re right, there are TONS of CD options (so many it can be overwhelming!) which is why I only compared what we have to what it would cost us to do disposables. We did the disposable diapers because I had to go back to work when our daughter was 6 weeks old. PTC COMMENT: To help avoid ordering the wrong size, we strongly urge everyone to use not only the weight chart but the sizing chart that gives the measurements of the training pants. We had taken a month long trip to California and when we came back I just told Lily that that was that.
Waterproof trainers are step-in pull-on potty training pants that include a waterproof layer. There are enough sites devoted to that already (try here and here), so this is a post about my experience and our financial savings. If you decide to purchase through those links, we receive a small commission, however, it does not affect your purchase price at all.
Although, I do not have children, I didn’t realize how much thought can go into cloth diapers.
It would be super awesome to put that savings into an account for education…I wonder what the total could be after 18 years!? I usually just have a comment ready, something to the effect of pointing out that eating meat once a week just about negates the environmental benefits of a prius vs my truck.

The authors were discussing the idea that eating local food reduces your CO2 output and pointed out that the primary CO2 cost of food was the production, not transporting it to the end user.
I know the cost savings is significant, but we just have too many other things going on to deal with the additional things that can come with cloth diapers. I don’t know what we would do as we can get pretty good deals on Diapers here in Canada with coupons and Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum points etc.
My husband was home for the summer because he is a teacher and there is no way he’s rinsing out a diaper, and when we had to use a sitter, same thing.
It used to be so hard to do cloth diapers, With pins worrying about sticking your child and dunking the diapers! The diapers are made with 100% cotton, double fleeceand an ultra thin absorbent core which gives the diaper a trim fit.The adjustable hook and loop closure enables a snug fit around the tummy and legs. The idea being raising cattle produces so much methane (which is a far more potent greenhouse gas than CO2) that the primary contribution to greenhouse gases is actually the cow itself, not shipping, so eating local beef vs generic feed lot beef has little effect on the environmental impact. We did have a diaper party though where we received enough diapers for almost her whole first year. How is that not worth a few extra loads of laundry?!  What else could you do with that $1,080?!?!  I think I might go on a vacation?
My point was more about the environmental impact than the actual costs involved, and was admittedly a knee-jerk response. Washing clothes now costs alot more money unless you do it on off-peak time and using the dryer is even worse.
So I imagine it is mostly SAHMs doing cloth, but with a willing grandparent or nanny a working mom could do cloth also. Can't say too much about absorbancy, beacuse oh baby has worn them but not peed in them yet.

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