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The company changes print styles from time to time and sometimes the photographs may not be the same as the prints in stock.
These Sesame Street (Elmo) Underwear Briefs are excellent for motivating your child to get potty trained and to start wearing big kid underwear!!
He currently hosts the last full 15 minute segment on Sesame Street, Elmo's World, which is aimed at toddlers. Elmo potty seat is sure to motivate your little one to use the potty!!This Sesame Street Soft Potty Seat has the following features:Softly padded for comfort and warmth for your child to go potty, whenever your child decides to do so!
It is simply a ring that fits snug into the "big" toilet with extra no-slip padding on the back of the potty seat.It is convenient as it is portable.

Since it is NOT permanently attached to the toilet seat, you can move easily from one one toilet to another.Easy to keep clean - made of vinyl, it just needs wiping down to keep clean. I understand it says prints may change but don't advertise Elmo underwear with only one with Elmo. Does leave a small space on elongated toiletsIt comes with a built in low-profile splash guard in the front, designed to prevent splashes and poor aiming.It comes with easy grip, hygienic handles for an extra measure of safety and security. The handles also reduce spreading germs by preventing your toddler from grabbing the toilet for balance. I immediately called the customer service phone number and I explained that I did not get what was pictured.

The service rep explained that the manufacturer changes prints often and they can not possibly keep updating the site as often as they change. I understand that and I am fine with that, but only 2 pairs actually had Elmo, the other one was Zoey. My daughter is terribly disappointed and now instead of having 6 pairs of Elmo undies we only have 4.

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