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The Potty Watch reminded both of us when it was time to try, and gave her the confidence she needed to finish the job and practically train herself. Lola love it!
Brynn was soon telling ME it when it was "Potty Time" and sang the potty time song lyrics that came in the package. At just $10 this was the best bargain I have found in a long time! Did not work for long (Feb 12, 2009) Reviewer: Tiffany Watch quality doesn't look that great. Potty Training Concepts Response: We replace, with no cost to the customer, all defective products. Still would buy it again, and recomend to all my friends. Great idea, but not waterproof which rusts out the batteries. It actually made the experience fun for both of us, and with consistent trips to the potty she soon gained the confidence to practically train herself.

When worn by the child, they know it is time to go each and every time the countdown reaches zero and vibrates on their wrist. It takes care of the job for you the parent and not only makes it easy for you but fun for your child!How does the Potty watch work?The Potty Watch helps children remember to try to go potty by playing music and lighting up at 30, 60, or 90 minute intervals, as set by their parent.
This cute little timer fits on her wrist and plays a song with flashing lights and automatically repeats every 30 60 or 90 minutes.
Set the Countdown Timer for 2 hours and "VibraLITE" will alert you that it is time to void. Children just starting their potty training will usually start at 30 minute intervals, and increase as they get better at knowing when they need to go.To help children stay on the potty long enough to really try, the PottyWatch plays songs (see song lyrics below) that they can sing along to while they're trying to go. After the song and lights finish playing, the timer automatically resets itself and begins counting down again.

The Auto-Repeat Feature on the Countdown Timer will automatically reset and countdown again and again every 2 hours each time it reaches zero. Getting her to go to the toilet consistently was always a trial, and with two older brothers to keep track of, it was hard for me to remember to remind her. The VibraLITE is perfect for potty training, and it is especially useful to a special needs child.

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