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Don’t let potty training be a pain, make it fun with these new potty training tips & tricks! With this potty watch you can set a reminder alarm for your child to either vibrate or make a loud noise to serve as a reminder to go potty!
There is also an option for a countdown timer with auto repeat that will alert up to 12 times a day. The lock out feature will prevent a child from accidently changing the settings and the wristband can fit most children and some adults.
These great NEW potty watches offer alot of features that are great when potty training a toddler and children with special needs.

Then she accidentally got it wet while washing her hands and it completely stopped working.
It seems that a watch that is used to remind one to do something that requires getting wet, should not be that sensitive to water.
It is unclear whether this started as a medical or behavioral problem, but she started having small accidents multiple times per day and was no longer potty-trained at night. We set alarms for every two hours, and since she goes to bed and wakes up around the same time each day, we only had to set the alarms once. We have had far fewer accidents during the day as a result of this watch, and fluid restriction at night has significantly reduced her episodes of bed-wetting.

Given current custody arrangements, she lives mostly with her mother who has failed to address this issue, but at least the watch is helpful when my fiancee and I have her.

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