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That is just one of the many reasons that cleaning the potty hasn’t been a favorite task or top on my list. Here is the another top reason: the nasty, germ filled, brush and holder that takes up space in the bathroom. I was tickled when I got the Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush Starter Kit & Caddy set to test out!
Normally, I am not a huge fan of disposables…but these are phosphorous free and doesn’t this look more sanitary?
If only there was something that would clean the floor…do laundry…and clean the cat box!
Now, first of all, here is a $2 Coupon for you to print out…but one lucky reader will get the same Scrubbing Bubbles kit I tested AND a $50 Visa gift card! Unfortunately, on the downside, I was also overwhelmed by the poverty and disease that I encountered at times - so much suffering by people not too unrelated to the rest of us.
Lonnie Thompson, professor of earth sciences at Ohio State University, said, "The Kilimanjaro glaciers are indicators for a larger-scale process." "It's not just Kilimanjaro, it's every tropical glacier in Africa, in the tropical Andes of South America, it's the glaciers in New Guinea.

Although I saw plenty of Rock Hyrax (the elephant's closest living relative) I didn't get a really good photo of one. I also saw, and photographed, "tons" of that popular African highland tree that always has a giraffe standing next to it.
Colorado Mountain Club (CMC) leader Steve Bonowski led 13 of us on a climb to Kilimanjaro and Mt. Although I enjoyed the Kilimanjaro climb I felt even the "Trekkers Summit" (16,355 foot Point Lenana) of Mt. The "washout" rate, on Kilimanjaro, averages nearly 50% out of the approximately 25,000 summit attempts each year. I truly felt as though I were on the "Mother Continent," the place where it all, including us, began! Most of these shots were taken with $4.99 recyclable cameras I purchased from our local grocery store.
My own health was pretty good throughout the entire trip except for our return from Amsterdam.

Anyway, it was obvious to me that the snows of Kilimanjaro are melting - I saw it with my own eyes!
That, too, includes its people - despite my inability to "blend in" the Africans I met treated me warmly wherever I ventured - I felt lucky to have visited their continent and their countries! From what I understand there are about 1,300 species of Acacia around the world - mostly in tropical regionsss.
Kenya and Kilimanjaro's glaciers will be completely gone by 2030.* Sure, climates do change over time but it's never occurred this quickly, and, it's irresponsible for the likes of Limbaugh to suggest that nothing be done about it - visit Kilimanjaro and you'll feel as strongly about this issue as I do!!

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