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First, remember that each child is different and therefore, our approach may not work for you.
Just for trying she got a little treat and a special drink (to help make her go more) and eventually when she actually went, she got to unwrap a little gift. I was even luckier with my second daughter because she had watched her sister enough that she just went ahead and ditched the diapers without trouble. A Best Bottom Potty Training Kit which contains one Training Pant and 3 color coordinating, snap-in FeelWET Inserts. Snap-in FeelWETa„? Inserts are soft and absorbent, leaving just enough moisture for kids to feel when they need a change.

Make sure you are in the right mind frame because you will be mentally exhausted and get frustrated.
We watched potty videos, read potty books and every 15 minutes we went and sat and tried to go. We did that routine for the day (it was a tiring day but I stayed really enthusiastic and excited for her) and by the end we were done! It’s definitely a frustrating process but it will feel so good when you’re looking back from the other side! Follow our travels, learn about Down syndrome and the everyday life of an extraordinary family.

We took the dive about a month ago and we still have our accidents Right now we have the issue of getting Caelyn to poop on the potty. I never used pull ups except at naptime so that when she had an accident she could feel it and it would gross her out, LOL. We bought Caelyn a plush Cinderella and her reward for no accidents is a movie with Cinderella and then if she poops she gets to sleep with her.

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