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The main objective of obedience training is to increase desired behavior and decrease unwanted behavior.
Positive Reinforcement training, also known as reward based training, is the most popular method of dog obedience training. One common form of positive reinforcement training for dogs is a method known as clicker training. Dominance based training is based on the belief that the owner needs to establish dominance, or the position of the alpha dog, rather than the dog. Shock collar training, also known as electronic collar training, is one common method of dominance based training. Dominance based training is a training method which is considered as a more harmful, often cruel and generally less effective training method. Dog training does not have to be complicated, nor does it take enormous amounts of time to teach your pet the basics. Once you have reached the level in training your dog where he is not fooled by distractions or temptation, you are then ready to proceed to the next level of training – how to heel correctly.
There are a variety of dog training programs available online, each claiming to provide the best dog training methodology. In his television show The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan makes controlling a dog look tremendously easy.
The Puppy Institute is a leading source for information on dog training techniques, dog training programs, dog training equipment and general dog care. Our articles are written by passionate dog owners, dog breeders and dog trainers who are dedicated to improve the lives of both dog owners and their dogs.
A Deaf Dog In The Shelter Finds Her Forever Home With Someone Who Understands Her Language.
These are just a few things to keep in mind if you want a dog that is happy, obedient and well adjusted.
Over coming Lucky’s prey drive – as strong as it can be in dogs (then add in the breed – Jack Russell!) may take a lot more time, consistency and repetition of commands.
Our poodle Watson has a fixation light that shines throught the windows early morning an late in the evening.

Since both dogs are high energy dogs I walk them both in the morning and evening usually 1 to 2 miles. This type of training reinforces desired behavior and motivates the dog to obey his master.
As soon as the dog begins to perform the desired behavior, the owner clicks a clicker, which is basically a small device that when pressed, emits a clicking sound. Basically, this form of obedience training emits an electric shock when the dog displays unwanted behavior.
An increasingly large group of dog trainers and dog owners are strongly against this type of training and consider positive reinforcement training as the only acceptable method to train a dog. Leave a belly of reserved slack, with your right hand, look at your dog, say his name, then command “Heel”!
They share techniques and insights that will help you with training your dog the right way and with avoiding techniques & equipment that are harmful to both your dog’s health as your relationship with him. These tips I call the ten commandments, are some basic ideas you should keep in mind so that your dog training can go smoothly and be fun for you and your dog.
Your tone of voice, volume and body language should never convey to your dog that you are beginning to get frustrated or angry. Every action you allow your dog to get away with may gradually undo what you are trying to teach him. When correcting an inappropriate behavior a simple No Off and redirecting to the appropriate behavior is enough.
Teach your dog in a positive way that you control things, be consistent with your training and praise for a job well done.
Not having evaluated her aggression towards other dogs on walks, it could be leash aggression, possessive aggression, fear or something else. Our 2 year old male poolde we brought over when we relocated from Brisbane Australia last November and a Jack Russel we rescued in March. Proper dog training is the key to a happier, healthier relationship with your loyal friend. However, perhaps your dog has negative behavioral issues, such as pulling on his leash or running away if he is off-leash, and you would like to correct these negative behaviors.

Generally this method is most commonly used for off leash training and teaching the dog to stay near the owner when off leash. We strive to maintain a fully truthful and unbiased compendium of original articles, product reviews and training tips, as well as curated articles from other dog related websites. Just keep in mind where your puppy is on vaccinations and do not take them to public areas like dog parks or big box dog stores. If you understand how dogs think, which is not complicated, very black and white, and in the moment, you can help your dog be a better dog. The idea is that the dog will begin to associate certain behaviors with punishment and he will stop the undesired behavior. When he does something wrong, immediately say no, wrong or no off and re-direct to the proper action. You could also install a blackout pull down shade on that particular window so you could control the light for when you want to do set up exercises with Watson.
Keep your distance from the dogs to which she is reactive until you can get with a professional trainer (positive reinforcement) to assist you with your behavior modification exercises and appropriate responses from Lucky around other dogs. Watson attended puppy preschool in Brisbane and has learned basic commands, sit, stay, come,wait for treat.
The idea behind this method is that the dog will learn to follow basic commands given by the owner and at some point, the dog will no longer need the reward him to be obedient as the behavior has become second nature to the dog. An example of dominance based training would be for you to put your knee into the chest of your dog if he jumps on you. For example, you can shock your dog whenever he gets near something he is not supposed to be near or when he does not listen to basic known commands.

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