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At ABC's of Dog Training, Dog Training Made Easy, you will be shown and instructed the right way in raising and caring for your puppy. Miniature Pinschers are an intelligent breed who love to please their owners and the breed has seen many successes in both obedience and agility competitions.
The breed is fairly easy to care for with its striking short coat but it does take a bit of vigilance in keeping them safe. Miniature Pinschers can do very well in homes with children and with other dogs but the key is socialization during the puppy stage. The breed does very well living in both apartments and homes but they do require daily exercise through walks and a good romp in a secure area.
If one was to look at a Miniature Pinscher, the first dog that would spring to mind is a Doberman Pinscher. The Miniature Pinscher, according to the American Kennel Club, is a sturdy small dog that has a well-balanced appearance and a compact build. His coat, which is short and smooth with a hard texture, comes in a variety of uniformed colors that give the breed it's striking appearance. The Miniature Pinscher has not changed significantly since the breed was first recorded in the 17th Century.
Although it is speculation, it is believed that the foundation dogs for the Miniature Pinscher include the Italian Greyhound, the German Pinscher and the Daschund. The first Miniature Pinscher ever registered in the United States, was done so in 1925, but the American Kennel Club did not officially recognize the breed until 1930. Today, the Miniature Pinscher continues to capture the heart of many and it's energy and wonderful temperament has seen it become a treasured family pet and an active competitor in obedience and agility competitions. The Miniature Pinscher is a toy sized dog that should be very compact and structurally sound. When it comes to caring for your Miniature Pinscher, you may find that the everyday care is much easier than many other breeds. When it comes to bathing your Miniature Pinscher, it is recommended that you only bathe them if it is absolutely necessary.
With the rest of the care of your Miniature Pinscher, you should make sure that you keep the nails trimmed and neat.
As mentioned before, Miniature Pinschers are an active breed and this means that they require a fair amount of exercise. Generally, the Miniature Pinscher is an active dog inside but he can easily adapt to both apartment and house living.
With proper vigilance and care, you will find that your Miniature Pinscher is not only a strong and confident dog but a little sweetheart who finds snuggling up with you the best part of his day.
The Miniature Pinscher is a hearty breed that has very few hereditary health concerns; however, it is important to mention that due to their size, they can suffer from injuries if they are played with too roughly or if they are dropped. Also known as Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease, it is a disease that is caused by a deformity in the hip, or more specifically in the hip joint ball. If you have ever heard the saying, "You will have more control with a small dog," then you should forget that you heard it.
The Miniature Pinscher is a very intelligent breed of dog and when it comes to training, they can excel in many different areas.
As with all intelligent creatures, if they feel their way is the best way, then you are in for a challenge. Miniature Pinschers are considered to be stubborn but they also have a natural need to please.
Although socialization is important for all dogs, it is very important for the Miniature Pinscher since he does tend to have a larger ego. Make sure that socialization also includes children and strangers since a Miniature Pinscher can become snappy around active children. Crate training is another important training area when it comes to your Miniature Pinscher. If you plan to socialize and train your Min Pin yourself, at home I recommend that you read, study and apply the techniques outlined in a guide such as - Canis Clicker Training. When you are looking into purchasing a Min Pin puppy, it is very important to find out as much as you can about the breed. If you are looking for a complete book about Miniature Pinschers, then this is the book to purchase.
There are very few books available for Miniature Pinschers but this is one of the better ones.
There are many breed clubs out there for Miniature Pinschers but I would recommend starting with the parent club since they can direct you to other clubs. The next time you’re presiding over an intense philosophical debate, feel free to use these hand signals to referee things. Click on the URL at the top of the browser, copy it (ctrl-c or cmd-c), and paste it in an email. Puppy training techniques have changed over the years, and modern puppy training methods are good news for you and your canine friends. Modern Dog TrainingThe theory of operant conditioning and reward training deals with relationships between stimuli, responses, and consequences--the puppy learns that what he does is critical to what happens next. Whether you’re one of the millions of Chihuahua owners from across the world or just someone who’s a fan of the breed, you've come to the right place.
Most owners choose to dress their Chihuahua up in cute clothes simply because they look cute and adorable. If this is your first time purchasing Chihuahua clothes, you might feel a little lost and not know where to start. Unless you or someone in your family has owned a Chihuahua before, you might be wondering what it's like. Love to burrow in covers and blankets, so watch out and don't step on any piles of dirty clothes you have laying around! Although they are small in size, Chihuahuas are quite feisty and stand their ground when confronted by larger dogs. The Chihuahua was named after the state of Chihuahua, Mexico, where it's believed the breed originated from. Hopefully the characteristics listed above will give you an idea on what the Chihuahua is like. Chihuahuas are the smallest dog breed in the world with an AKC standard of no more than 6 pounds. Because of their feisty personality and small size, Chihuahuas need to be supervised when they’re outside.
Lets face it, Chihuahuas are undeniably cute and adorable, but there’s much more to owning them than just their sweet puppy-dog looks. They are often described as the "King of Toys" and they have the self possession that should be found in all kings. He is a spirited and energetic dog that has, surprisingly, a large amount of fortitude when it comes to exercise.
Unfortunately, the breed is also known for its stubborn streak and this can make training difficult, especially for the inexperienced dog owner. They are an opportunistic breed who will escape from yards and homes if they are not properly secured. It is also important to supervise this breed with children since they can be injured very easily. They make excellent companions and with proper training and socialization, they will easily show you how wonderful the "King of Toys" can truly be. The two breeds share many traits when it comes to appearance but they are, in fact, not related. These colors are a solid, vibrant red, and stag red, which is a mingling of red and black hairs.
Little is known about the actual history of the breed but we do know that it was created as a working dog. Regardless of what the foundation dogs are, the Miniature Pinscher has been a well known breed in Germany for roughly 200 years; however, the breed did not become popular outside of Germany until well into the 20th century.

Generally, the dog is very square in proportion with the length being equal to the height; only females can be slightly longer than they are tall. Caring for your dog does involve a lot more than grooming though and there are a few unique traits with a Miniature Pinscher that require some special care instructions. Once a year bath is more than adequate to keep you Miniature Pinscher clean and you should make sure that you use a high quality dog shampoo to avoid drying out your dog's coat and skin.
Never stick anything into the ear canal of your dog since it can damage your dog's sensitive ears. It is often surprising how much energy the breed has since they are considered to be a toy breed. They can be fairly noisy, which makes them an excellent watch dog, but they may not be suitable for an apartment that has strict noise guidelines.
This breed is very good at finding something to get into and a Miniature Pinscher will eat just about anything from paper clips to food set out on the table.
Miniature Pinschers enjoy a good run, away from the house, and if they can find a place to escape from, they will.
It is also referred to as "slipped stifles" and it is caused when the patellia is not lined up correctly. Although the cause of Legg's Perthes Disease is still unclear, it is believed that the disease can occur due to hereditary reasons or from an injury.
These can be controlled with some medication but it is important to note that, although Epilepsy cannot be cured, dogs can still live a long and happy life.
It is a progressive disorder where the dog begins to lose the photoreceptors at the back of the eye. In fact, since they are so intelligent and active, the Miniature Pinscher can become excellent competitors in both agility and obedience competitions. This means that with a little perseverance on your part, you will move through the stubborn stage and into actual training eventually. Many Miniature Pinscher owners and breeders have referred to the breed as the "King of Toys," and the Miniature Pinscher is well aware of this title.
Having ample socialization to them will cut down any problems but it is important for both your dog's safety and the safety of the children, that all interactions between them are supervised.
Although many owners of small dog breeds prefer to allow their dog open access to their home, this is not the best choice for a Min Pin. They are well known as escape artists and will take off for a lovely jaunt if the opportunity presents itself.
Speak with other owners, and breeders who have firsthand knowledge about Miniature Pinschers. There are many purebred Miniature Pinschers that are looking for their forever homes and you can even find some Miniature Pinscher puppies.
Devised by philosophy prof Landon Schurtz, these hand signals were jokingly meant to be used at APA (American Philosophy Association) conferences. I actually sent this on to my sons as one is working on his Masters in Philosophy and the other one is a Classics major. Many dog trainers learned their trade while training dogs for the military of the 1940s and 50s. Instead of simply reacting to avoid punishment the puppy learns to think--associate your “come” command with receiving positive attention.The traditional coercion methods relied on waiting for the dog to make a mistake, then using leash-jerk corrections and physically pushing and positioning the dog.
Our site is built and ran by a small group of Chihuahua owners, so it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about the breed. Although our site is still fairly new, we're working around the clock to add new clothes and content to our site. After all, a Chihuahua wearing a shirt, dress or hoodie is enough to put on a smile on anyone's face.
You have to remember that Chihuahuas are the smallest dog breed in the world; therefore, their bodies aren't able to handle cold weather as well as larger dogs can. Because Chihuahuas come in sizes ranging from 2 pounds to well over 5 pounds, some of them are going to require clothes of different sizes.
Before jumping into the decision of owning a Chihuahua, it's a good idea to see them in person. However, don’t let their small body size fool you into thinking Chihuahuas are shy and back away from  threats. It’s far too easy for Chihuahuas to become injured if they get into a fight with larger dogs. When a stranger approaches the front door, your Chihuahua will be the first 0ne to hear it, and trust me, they’ll let you know.
Even though they typically have feisty personalities, Chihuahuas are very loving and affectionate, as they oftentimes prefer to lay in their owner’s lap over playing with toys. You’ll need to teach them both how to properly interact with another, but once you, there’s a bond there that will last a lifetime. Whether you live in a house or apartment, a Chihuahua will let you know when someone’s at the door. He enjoys a good romp, loves to play with adults and children alike and enjoys spending time curled up under a blanket with those he loves. They can also snap at overly noisy or boisterous children - once again socialization and some training are crucial.
They can also have a coat that is black with rust markings that are similar to a Doberman Pinscher's, where the rust markings are found on the throat, lips, cheeks, inside of the hind legs, on the lower part of the forelegs, the chest, lower jaw and two spots above the chest and the eyes.
The Miniature Pinscher was used as a "ratter" in many homes and, more specifically, in barns. Generally, a Miniature Pinscher only requires a weekly brushing to keep their coat healthy and shiny.
Throughout the year, you can keep your dog very clean by wiping him down with a damp cloth once or twice a week.
If you hear your dog's nails when he walks across a tiled floor, then it is time to clip the nails back. Although the Miniature Pinscher will require one or more walks a day, it is also important for them to have time where they can play around. Even with excellent training, a Miniature Pinscher could still eat something hazardous, so plan your environment around this trait. Symptoms include pain, lameness that worsens, atrophy of the limbs, chewing the affected area, stiffness in the affected joint and the dog becomes very irritable.
In fact, many small dog breeds are very intelligent with very big egos, that make training fairly difficult. This means that some Miniature Pinschers can be aggressive towards other dogs but with proper socialization, this problem can be kept to a minimum.
Generally, these dogs will snatch up anything from counters to floors and this can result in serious vet trips for your dog.
You should never allow a Miniature Pinscher to walk around without a leash unless you are in a secure area where he cannot escape. My advice to you would be to only source your puppy from a knowledgeable and respected Miniature Pinscher breeder or a rescue center.
Many breed clubs will provide you with a listing for a rescue center and some have a rescue center of their own but here is one to get you started.
Personally, I think they would have made a great addition to the famous Monty Python soccer match where the Germans (Kant, Nietzsche & Marx) played the indomitable Ancient Greeks (Aristotle, Plato & Archimedes). Military dog training was based on the notion that the dog is your adversary in the training field, and you must dominate him before he dominates you. In addition to our apparel shop, we also have tons of helpful information and guides for Chihuahua owners. If you don't see the type of clothes you're looking for, try typing it into the search box at the top-right hand side of the page. However, dressing your Chihuahua in clothes may actually serve some unique benefits other than making them look cute. When the temperatures begin to drop during the cold winter season, spending just 5 minutes outside can dramatically lower a Chihuahua's core temperature to unhealthy levels.

You have to think about not only how it looks on them, but also how it fits and how comfortable it is on them.
Before purchasing any new clothes for your Chihuahua, you should carefully read the description to determine it will fit.
It's important to understand what these traits are before taking on the responsibility of another life.
If you know a friend or family member that has a Chihuahua, ask them if you can come over to see it. On the contrary, they’re one of the most feisty types of dogs you’ll ever come into contact with. This doesn't necessary mean you have to keep them on a tight leash the entire time they're outside, but instead just keep an eye on them to ensure they don't run off and get into trouble. Some people may find this nuisance, but you have to think of your Chihuahua as an alarm system. It’s this type of close bond and connection that brings so many people to seek the addition of a Chihuahua to their family. In fact, studies have shown that children who grow up with dogs in their house are live happier lives, which is something every parent should want. No one likes to think about a situation when a home intruder breaks into your home, but it's nice to know that a Chihuahua is there to sound the alarm if it happens. Usually, this should take care of any loose fur and the Miniature Pinscher is considered to be an average shedder.
Start at the face, cleaning around the eyes before you begin moving back to the tail of the dog. If you live in an apartment, you will need to find a secure place where they can chase a ball around or do another activity where they can expel that energy. Check your yard on a regular basis and if there is a spot where you can put your hand through, then you will need to fix it immediately. This condition can lead to arthritis and it is a condition that is present at birth, although the luxation may not occur until later in life.
Generally, the treatment is surgery where the deformed joint is removed, which is followed with rest and physical therapy. On a positive note, this disease is one that can be detected before any significant long term vision loss occurs by having yearly eye exams and only selecting puppies from breeders who get their dogs eyes tested and certified (respected and reputable Miniature Pinscher breeders). The Miniature Pinscher is definitely one of those breeds and it is very important to start training your Miniature Pinscher as soon as you bring him home from your puppy breeder. Keeping him kennelled while you are away will alleviate some of the anxieties and will keep him from getting into something harmful. Remember that some rescue centers will allow out of state, or transcontinental adoption, while others will not.
Imagine Confucius, the referee, whirling his hand in a circle and penalizing Wittgenstein for making a circular argument. The training process became an extremely rigorous temperament test, very physical, almost brutal.
You can learn more about the history of the Chihuahua, how to groom them, common health problems and training tips.
Even if your Chihuahua stays indoors, they're still going to have to go outside to use the bathroom. Chihuahuas aren't able to express any discomfort they have with clothes you dress them up in, so it's up to you to make sure they're happy and content with their new outfit. Some of clothes are labeled "one size fits all," but most will have specifications regarding what size Chihuahua they fit.
Only then can you rest assured knowing that you're able to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your Chihuahua to grow up in. When they’re confronted by a suspicious noise or some other possible danger, Chihuahuas will stand their ground barking aggressively. Lets hope no one tries to break into your house, but a Chihuahua will sound the alarm if it happens. Just remember to teach both your Chihuahua and children the proper boundaries of playing with one another.
A healthy, well balanced diet is crucial to the health, wellbeing and longevity of your Min Pin. Also make sure that doors to your house are secure since your Min Pin will slip out if the opportunity arises.
Many dogs that are treated for Legg's Perthes Disease have very few lasting side effects and can live very long and healthy lives after the surgery. For this reason, it is important to train yourself before you train your dog so you do not teach your dog any bad habits such as jumping up or eating from, and I mean literally, the table. Such methods do nothing to enhance or preserve a loving, caring relationship that modern owners want and expect.“The idea was to make sure poor temperament would show up in early training rather than on the battlefield or in the trenches. Dressing them up in a warm sweater or thick shirt will provide a valuable layer of thermal protection for them. For instance, a small shirt may be labeled to fit Chihuahuas between 2-4 pounds, while larger shirts may fit Chihuahuas that weight between 5-7 pounds.
Don't take it personally if the Chihuahua keeps their distance, as some of them are raised to be more skittish than others.
Some people consider this the “Napoleon Syndrome” since they have such an aggressive, stand-your-ground behavior and small size. If your Chihuahua ever tries to lash out in aggression, you'll need to tell them "NO!" to let them it's unacceptable behavior. Tools like the Easy Walk Harness communicate with dogs in a natural fashion with gentle pressure, preventing them from jumping up or lunging forward. The Halti and the Gentle Leader head halters fits over the dog’s face, and with gentle guidance, gets even giant-size dogs to go where guided—no jerking necessary.The more traditional slip, Martingale or “choke” collars must be fitted appropriately and used correctly.
But if fitted wrong, the collar won’t release the pressure, so a pet owner can easily hurt the dog by accident. Puppies and Toy dog breeds are particularly prone to injuries like collapsed trachea and can be permanently damaged by a jerk to the neck.Electronic collars--those that deliver a remote-controlled low-impulse shock to correct poor behavior--are even more controversial. Even proponents agree that only professional trainers are qualified to use electronic training tools. E-collars train based on punishing bad actions rather than rewarding good behavior, and dogs often revert to old habits and run away unless they wear the collar all of the time.No puppy should EVER be fitted with a shock collar.
Period!Reward TrainingOther training techniques teach pets to recognize a desired behavior by linking the action to appropriately timed verbal praise, sound signals such as a clicker training tool, or “cookie” (food) rewards.
Dunbar says teaching the dog the meaning of the word “sit” is only five percent of the training; 95 percent of training teaches the dog, “Why do it?”“Training is a way the two of you learn to dance together in a very individual and exquisite choreography,” he says.
Your baby dog starts to learn the moment he sets paw in your home, and one of the most important lessons is to teach him that learning is FUN.By six to eight weeks of age, your puppy can easily learn basic commands simply by teaching him how to learn.
Puppies that enjoy training eagerly lap up more challenging tricks and commands as they mature.Please avoid using the word “no!” when your puppy does something wrong.
If he does something unacceptable, instead of shouting “no!” try to find a method that encourages him into a legal alternate behavior. Look for opportunities to reward good behavior and replace bad choices with acceptable ones.Puppies have short attention spans. Several short training sessions of about five to ten minutes each will be more successful than a single marathon training time.
Set up a schedule in your routine so that you know your puppy has the energy and eagerness to learn. A good time is before meals because you can use a portion of his meals as treat rewards during training, without upsetting his nutrition.

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