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Side Kick Dog Training starts at the critical puppy stage, teaching you how to shape your puppy into an adult dog who will be a functional part of your family.
The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) has released a statement emphasizing the importance of early puppy socialization.
According to the AVSAB; “Because the first three months are the period when sociability outweighs fear, this is the primary window of opportunity for puppies to adapt to new people, animals, and experiences. It is particularly important that owners make training fun and spend a short time each day at home repeating the exercises taught within the class. Do you have a puppy or a young dog that you want to start off the right way with good social skills, manners and training?
Do you want to teach your dog some new games, skills or tricks to keep him or her mentally active? In 1988 the founding members of the Bearsden Dog Training Club identified within their community a need for a professional standard of expertise in behavioural training for the local pet dog population and their owners.
Advancing public education about the health, care, management, training and control of dogs, for the safety of both the general public at large and the dogs themselves.
The preservation and protection of public health, and a more general protection from nuisance, by promoting the highest standards of responsible dog ownership within the community.
To bring together dog owners within a strongly supportive and friendly group, in such a way that they can identify with a common purpose. To benefit both animal and human welfare, by promoting training strategies and methods based on humane practices, as supported and promoted by the majority of animal welfare organisations throughout the world.

We are dedicated to promoting Responsible Ownership of Dogs and are members of the West of Scotland Community Dog Training Association. All our Committee and Instructors are volunteers (no one within the club gets paid) who are only too willing to share with our membership our accumulated experience to make training their dogs easier. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. If you are considering puppy training classes, you will be forever delighted that you followed Mr Pitbulla€™s advice before taking your puppy to puppy training classes.
Dog training classes for the Greater Dayton Ohio area that include; puppy training classes and socialization classes, obedience classes, and canine enrichment training classes. Train Your Pup’s dog training philosophy is based on the newest theories of canine and human interaction. We truly believe learning should be fun so our classes do not just include walking around a circle or repetitious exercises. Unlike many training centers, here at the enrichment centers we keep class sizes small to ensure students receive personal attention and get adequate feedback. We can have the greatest effect on their future behavior by spending time positively teaching and socializing them. Other topics include potty training, nipping and chewing, walking politely on a leash, not jumping on people, greeting visitors, come when called, socialization to non-family dogs and people, tolerance of grooming and handling and a few fun tricks. The Absolutely Adolescents Class will continue the work we began in Positively Puppies and help you work towards a polite Side Kick.

Scheduled by the hour, we will cover your top priorities and offer suggestions for creative solutions to your specific issues. Not all people go to dog training to train their dog for competition, most go to learn how to give their dog a basic education and some socialisation with other dogs and people.
Just 10 minutes of practice every day will help see your dog develop, with each day taking you a step closer to the level of obedience you wish to achieve. Each class will have a new game that challenges both dog and handler.  These games are intended to keep you and your dogs interested in learning. Both adult and puppy training classes are held in a clean and professional facility that has been designed to be both inviting and stimulating.
Using Positive Reinforcement and Clickers, Misti Fry CPDT, and her experienced crew of instructors will teach you and your dog to work together.
Misti Fry CPDT or Carrie Galvan CPDT will come to your home or meet you at one of our hosting veterinary offices.
Sometimes your dog’s behaviour can lead you and your family to feel cut off from the public (are you turning into a midnight walker?).
Popular private lesson topics include over the top bossy behavior, guarding toys or food, introduction of new puppy to resident dog, difficult potty training, children teaching the dog behaviors and all of the basic obedience.

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