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This course will help you to get the most out of training and living with your puppy, resulting in a behaviourally healthy dog, who is a pleasure to own and they envy of everyone. PREREQUISITES All dogs should be both dog and people friendly and have previously completed Urban Puppy School. SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE BUT FOR THE PAST FEW WEEKS OUR SYSTEM HAS BEEN DOWN SO WE HAVE BEEN UNABLE TO PLACE HOLDS OR UPDATE PUPPIES, BUT WE ARE NOW BACK UP! During this week we also bring in the litter box, We introduce the litter box this week then puppy pads around six weeks, However its still hit and miss, some get it right away, some don't by the time you bring them into your home, but we give you all the necessary information to ether pad, litter box, out door or leash train them, so when they come into your home you can finish what we have started. From here out we do photos through email by request, From this point on the development is the same as this week, and as a single mom running cub scouts, raising puppies and children, and the community involvements and fosters and other tasks and projects, i just need a bit of a rest, updating takes at least four hours, Mondays are hectic as it is, but i have no problems sending a photo, also depending on development of the puppy some local pick ups are at the end of eight weeks, so just about nine weeks old.
A collection of funny and cute puppy and cat pictures and information about pets including Golden Retriever, Perritos Bebes, Scottish Fold and more. Chihuahua puppies newborn weighs between 60 grams to 90 grams with a body length of about 10 CM.
These dogs are trained hard, but when the exercises are done with the patient, loving, and consistent he can do well.
This course is designed to expand on things already learned in Puppy School and continue the Socialisation process.
That you carry around for a few days, the puppy will familiarize your scent with the toy and when he or she sees you they will wrap there little paws around you!

Chihuahua is the smallest dog of any breed (breed) and have differences with his predecessor in America.
Childbirth often require the help of a veterinarian because of Chihuahua is easy to fatigue.
Both are mated to each other may not like the Dachshund dog or a fox terrier that should not be mated if different types of fur.
Solid as brown, black, white, beige, red, etc, Or party color; mixed white chocolate, sable, striped (Brindle), black and tan, etc. If you have completed a puppy school elsewhere, we recommend our Urban Basics as the most suitable course. The origins of this dog is still debated, it is likely that most of these dogs come from Mexico or North American countries. Chihuahua tail is usually curved towards the back (tail tea cup), pointing in the direction perpendicular to the head and as an antenna. Sometimes, the results of mating between a black Chihuahua puppy colour may issue a white or cream. Along with the descendants of other toys, Chihuahuas are prone to a disease called hydrocephalus.
Owners should be careful to avoid this by feeding frequently, eg every three hours for a very small puppy or young.

While the long-haired variety should be brushed several times a week with serrated soft brush. Sports that need it can just by playing indoor, but also he was enjoying a walk outside with their owners. Sometimes the size of the Chihuahua’s height at age 4 months with a high measure of adult Chihuahua. It is often diagnosed by the puppy having an abnormally large head during the early months of life with symptoms such as a plate of dense bone of the skull rather than software. Intensive attention is needed by a growing Chihuahua for 1 hour of growth interrupted by the disease process, the dog will be less good growth.
Chihuahuas usually have a Molera (hole) in the head at birth and will move up or lost in adulthood. Eye color should be dark colored, black or brown nose if white coat color or the color of light. Chihuahua is by having ears like ear Miniature Pincher that is perpendicular to the upper position.

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