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At ABC's of Dog Training, Dog Training Made Easy, you will be shown and instructed the right way in raising and caring for your puppy. Experts say that it’s always best to start training and teaching your pets proper and acceptable behaviors while they are still young. Your role as a pet owner doesn’t stop after you’ve given them food to eat, toys to play with, and a nice bed to sleep on.
Patience and consistency are two important attributes that you, as a dog owner or trainer, should have when training puppies; patience because you need to do training again and again until puppies have learned commands and consistency because you need to teach the same thing again and again to avoid confusing them. Old dogs may have gotten used to old tricks and commands and may find it hard to follow new ones but this doesn’t mean they can’t learn new things. Playing tug-of-war with dogs has always been a big NO for fear that dogs may develop aggressiveness.
There are many different types of puppy training methods, and these depend largely on your objective. Anytime you see them attempt to eliminate in areas they’re not supposed to, try to catch their attention by either clapping your hands or by saying ‘no’.
In cases when puppies have developed bad habits or behaviors, ignoring them is the best way to correct these awful and unwarranted behaviors. Dog owners dragged along by their dogs and dogs ruthlessly tugging on the leash are common scenarios, and these are the reasons why leash training is important.
Observe and supervise your puppies as they run around with their leash dragging behind them, and once they’ve gotten comfortable with it, grab the end of the leash and start following them around.
Walking them around the house and in your backyard for a few minutes is a good start to help them get accustomed to walking on leash. Mistakes are bound to happen no matter how knowledgeable and skillful you’ve become in training dogs. Failure to praise and reward your puppies after they’ve followed your commands or have behaved well. No matter what type of puppy training activities you do, it is crucial that you exhibit consistency and patience during the whole process.
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Using the latest and most effective training techniques, the Academy is the only dog training academy that provides not only dog obedience programs to have your canine professionally trained in all aspects of NYC approved training but also provides Trainer Programs for individuals who wish to become certified professional dog trainers. With a background spanning over 40 years in dog training, Anthony Jerone is the only trainer certified by both New York City and New York State. Learn to be a Certified Master Dog Trainer from New York City’s BEST! Our dog training instructor programs will train you to be a proficient and certified dog trainer. We teach people to become Certified Dog Trainers and dogs to be a loving member of the family.
But along with the arrival of puppies is facing the challenge of puppy training and teaching them good behaviors.
If you want to have a well-behaved and well-loved canine citizen that knows how to follow simple commands, you might want to spend time training them to become one. It is also important to ensure you go through the training process with persistency and affection for more effective puppy training.
Such myths have been floating around for a long time now and many choose to believe and adhere to these.

While it is true that puppies learn better and faster than old dogs, any dog, regardless of breed and age, can still learn something new.
Instead, dogs should learn to follow commands simply because their owners are the ‘alpha’ in the dog-man relationship.
There are training methods that prevent the development of behavioral problems, such as barking, biting, chewing, howling, jumping on people, and defecating anywhere and there are also those that teach them basic commands, such as stay, down, and sit. Under this type of training, puppies are taught basic commands such as sit, stay, down, and come here. It is also recommended that you start from the simplest command before teaching them more complicated ones and even teaching them different dog tricks.
Another must do puppy training, leash training puppies involves two basic steps: (a) putting a dog collar on them and making them adjust to it and (b) attaching the leash to the collar and making them adjust to it. Once you get successful with it, let them adjust and get accustomed to it before attaching the leash.
But while this is the case, it pays to at least try to overcome and avoid committing mistakes while training your puppies. Teaching them too many commands and tricks in one session will not only tire your puppies out but will also confuse them more. Many dog owners are afraid of hand feeding their dogs for fear that their dogs might bite at their fingers. While training may already be a fun activity for puppies, playing games with them, such as a fetch and retrieve game, after every training session can be very beneficial. Our dog trainers are all certified graduates of the academy by the one and only Master Dog Trainer Anthony Jerone, the person responsible for the development of the program. Our dog training programs include everything from housebreaking, etiquette, and behavior modification, through obedience training and protection training services.
So whether your pooch is 8 weeks old or a full grown adult dog, we have the training programs to suit your companion. His dog training skills have been recognized and applauded by New York Mayor’s Bloomberg, Giuliani, Koch, and Dinkins. Jerone, who founded the program, has some of the most interesting and unique credentials around! At the Anthony Jerone’s Canine Education Academy we provide a comprehensive and well rounded training services for both dogs and people. Learn more about how you can become a Dog Trainer and get certified by the best at the Anthony Jerone’s Canine Education Academy. Taking care of dogs and providing them with their basic needs — food, bed and chew toys — are not the only things that pet owners are expected to do. Here are some of the most important factors and things that you might want to take note of as you start puppy training.
As a dog owner, you certainly want what’s best for your pet so the first thing that you might want to do is to debunk these myths and follow puppy training methods that have been proven effective. Everything just depends on how patient and persistent owners are when it comes to training and teaching their old dogs new tricks and commands.
Reward-based method of training has always been the best and most effective way to train dogs to be obedient, as well as to train them out of their bad behaviors.
Using a choke chain as a training tool can be very dangerous as it can damage the dog’s tracheas. Here are some of the basic and most essential puppy training methods that you can do so you can have a well-loved and well-mannered canine citizen. Patience is very important in this case as it may take some time before they can actually learn to potty in proper areas. This is also considered a very important training as this train your puppies to behave in various situations in and out of the house and keep them from developing bad behaviors.

If they do, you can do a quick and careful tug on the leash and say ‘no’ or ‘stop’ in a calm or authoritative tone. Below are some of the worst and most common mistakes that you might want to avoid as you do puppy training. Puppies will better understand that what they’re doing is right and acceptable if you associate every good behavior with praise and reward. As mentioned, commands and tricks should be taught one at a time and training session should be short but daily. This is why it is important that every family member applies the same routine and follow the same rules and training methods to avoid confusing the puppies. This will never be the case especially if puppies have gotten used to feeding from their owners’ hands. Doing so is sure to boost your puppies’ interest to learn and make them look forward to the next training session. It needs to be done again and again until your pets have learned to behave and follow your commands. We are confident that our dog training programs will provide you with an enjoyable experience and a well trained dog. Formerly a Vietnam K-9 Corps Specialist, Anthony Jerone has also been the rare recipient of the Silver Cross & Bronze Star for developing dog-handling programs for the United States Army. Of course, we don’t want pets that eliminate anywhere, chew on home furniture, bark unnecessarily, growl, whine, and behave inappropriately when outside. For as long as you ensure you win the tug game, your dogs are sure to learn how to let go of things when their owners tell them to. Rewards can either be in the form of dog food, dog treat, chew toys, or simply a scratch at the back of their ears. Moreover, this tool makes dogs develop opposition reflex, making them aggressive and dangerous. If they stop pulling or tugging on the leash, praise and reward them with a dog treat or a scratch behind their ears.
You’ll know you’ve been successful with puppy training if they’ve started to follow your commands, show off tricks that you’ve taught them and exhibit good behaviors in and out of home. He had 20 German Shepherds in his company in 1969 and in 1980 he founded the New York City Transit Authority Canine Unit. We all want a good and well-behaved canine citizen, and this is where the importance of puppy training comes. Making them win the tug game is not recommended as this will only make dogs feel that they are superior. With rewards-based puppy training method, your puppies are sure to work hard and follow your orders and commands just so they can get what they want. He has been given a whole sheaf of citations commending him for his advice and expertise from a great number of cities and states across the nation.
Some can be house trained over the weekend while some may take months or so before they can actually learn to follow commands. Always remember that it’s not the type of game or dog training activity that you do with your dog that matters most. Make sure, however, not to overdo hand feeding to the point that your pets will never feed from their food bowls. What’s more important is taking control of the game and making your dogs feel and understand that you are superior in the dog-man relationship.

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