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The most important thing to do when you have a new puppy is to train him to become obedient. If you are searching for some tips for dog training, then you should know first where to start. Schutzhund training is actually a sport that was developed in Germany as a test for numerous German shepherd dogs to be used as police dogs. You should figure out what your dog need from you in a training and then learn how to apply it to him. Will learn to effectively use the toilet potty seat, planning hourly potty help of constant researching.
A huge shout out and congratulations again to Nicki and Bella who have successfully graduated and passed through all levels of training, achieving a life membership. If you ever want to get off to a bad start with a professional dog trainer, just make sure you repeat those words and i can guarantee there will be very few that will want to work with you. We call it a trap, as its lulls new puppy owners into a false sense of security that their puppy will be trained after four weeks.
As some of you may have noticed there have been a few changes and new faces to group class on Sunday mornings. The time you invest in finding a good dog obedience training school will pay off with a well-behaved and easy to get along with dog. It's a fact that a well-behaved dog is less likely to end up in a shelter or be given up for adoption. He is also less likely to exhibit signs of aggression towards other animals, including dogs, and humans. If you want to train your puppy by yourself, make sure the training book or a video that you use came from a reliable source.
If you are still reading this, it can mean only one thing -- you are leaning towards enrolling your puppy or dog in an obedience school. Each instructor employs his or her own training methods, but it's the school that sets the tone.

Eliminate any dog obedience training school that is willing to employ instructors without any certification. Accidents do happen, so it's also a good idea to eliminate a school that is not properly insured. Also, no matter how good the school looks or how close it is to your house, it's a good idea to cross-out schools that don't check if a dog is up-to-date on his or her vaccinations. Finally, if after pruning your list down to several candidates you still can't decide, don't forget to compare the prices. A good dog trainer will not only train your dog but he will also help strengthening the bond between you and your pet. Some punishment may be effective in teaching a dog the proper behavior, but it should not come at the expense of positive reinforcement methods.
You may need to visit several dog training schools before you find an instructor you are comfortable with.
The goal of the basic class is not only to train your puppy but also to educate you, a new dog owner. For more advice on how to train an aggressive dog, I highly recommend this dog training guide.
Unauthorized use of any images, descriptions and articles is strictly prohibited under copyright law. On the other hand, there are some dog owners who cannot afford dog obedience training, and they just decide that they will do it on their own.
The team at Positive K9 Training are extremely proud of all the work Nicki has put in with Bella. During these courses you will teach your puppy how to sit,drop etc, toilet training, puppy socialisation, grooming, feeding, biting and the list goes on. This approach may work but, since each dog is unique and some techniques may not work with your pet, it will not be easy. But to succeed, you need to enroll your dog not just in a dog school, but in a good dog obedience training school.

While some schools rely on rewarding good behaviors, others rely on force and punishment to correct unwanted behaviors.
You will be able to find the answer after spending 10 to 15 minutes speaking to the manager. Did he or she take any "refresher" courses after getting the initial certification? Give preference to an instructor who is flexible and will switch to another piece of training equipment if your dog does not respond well to the first choice.
When you observe a class, pay attention if the instructor is providing information on such typical puppy problems as dog jumping on people, separation anxiety, etc. You'll find lots of information on dealing with many behavioral problems, including dog and puppy aggression. I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments, and as always, your +1's, Shares, Facebook likes and retweets are appreciated. If you don't know anyone who had used the services of a professional dog trainer, search the Internet for schools within reasonable driving distance from your house.
If a potential instructor applies force when guiding a dog into a certain position, look for another instructor. Make sure that the instructor who will be teaching your puppy teaches the class you are observing. If any of these ingredients are missing or you are not comfortable with an instructor, look for another dog obedience training school. Remember, this is just the first step; you are just looking for candidates, not making the final selection. A good example of positive training is clicker training that relies heavily on rewarding your dog with treats.

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