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Lucky for you, dear Zing readers, I’ve been researching this phenomenon all day in preparation for tonight’s cat-tacular potty training session. According to Litter Kwitter, a manufacturer of cat toilet training seats, any litter box-trained cat should be able to learn to use the toilet.
Age matters; the old adage “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” seems to hold true here. Start by placing your cat’s litter box right next to the toilet, and gradually moving it upwards, day by day. There are a myriad of products out there that promise to command your cat’s attention to the commode.
The Litter Kwitter: This three-step training system was developed by animal behaviorists, veterinarians and cat breeders. At Pet Doctors Puppy School Gold Coast we believe that every interaction with your puppy can be a learning experience for you both. At Pet Doctors Puppy School Gold Coast you will learn appropriate ways to reward and eliminate behaviors.
Information regarding parasite control, nutrition, emergencies, puppy behaviours, obedience and so much more. You can now pay for the above courses on my payment shop.On your first night to either the puppy or junior class, you will receive a plan of the exercises that we will cover over the coming weeks. I’m a pretty gullible gal, but I refused to believe her until I got back to my desk to google it for myself.

Chances are, you don’t have any predators in your home (unless you have a two-year-old, like I do), but if your kitty cat buries their litter in the tray, that means they’re recognizing you “as the dominant ‘cat’ of the house,” says LiveScience.
So why then, wouldn’t your cat enjoy using the toilet, a relatively odor-free solution to nature’s calls?
Litter Kwitter says that cats up to the age of five or six should have no problem learning a new routine.
If you cat has mobility issues such as arthritis, you really shouldn’t force your cat to climb onto your porcelain throne. Once it’s up to the same height as the toilet, start inching it over until it’s on top of the seat. The training box can be anything that fits into the toilet seat that can support your cat’s weight. According to CitiKitty, most cats can be completely toilet trained in about three to six weeks. It comes with a base plate designed to fit standard toilets, and three rings that you can gradually swap out until your cat learns to use the toilet without the trainer. It’s circular, and you can gradually remove the inner rings to widen the seat until your cat is just sitting on the rim of the toilet. You will socialise your puppy in a safe environment, play games and have lot’s fun while teaching your pup manners. Your new pet will have lot's of fun, learn to be a well behaved puppy, and you will meet a bunch of new puppy owners just like you.

And if you have a shy kitty with a nervous temperament, the plan to toilet train your feline could backfire; a fear of the toilet could cause your cat to have accidents, or worse, a bladder infection or other health problems.
It costs $59 on the Litter Kwitter website, or you can pick it up at most major pet retailers. Like the Litter Kwitter and the CitiKitty, you’ll gradually widen the hole in the center by cutting open the roasting pan, until your cat decides to balance itself on the side of the toilet.
To enrol or enquire, simply call us on (07) 5576 0400 or complete the form below and we will be in touch shortly.
Hilarious as it was in “Meet the Parents,” REAL PEOPLE do this with REAL CATS, and my six-month-old kitten Bert is about to become one of these talented, toilet-trained tomcats. And as for starting young, you really shouldn’t try to toilet train a cat who’s less than three months of age, as they could fall in and drown. If your answer to any of these is a YES, then toilet training your cat just might be the right option for you, my friend.

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