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It’s time to gear up for the holiday season, and, for dog owners, that means showering our companions with toys and treats.
Most orders are despatched the same day and standard delivery is 3 to 5 working days from despatch. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The semi-moist heart-shaped treats are highly palatable and don't break up in your pocket or treat bag. Specifically designed for puppies of 8 weeks and over, these tasty treats are recommended for use in reward-based training. We then kept her within earshot for the next week since we had to let her out in the middle of the night to do her business. A couple of reassurances after midnight outings when she would go back into the crate and even the sound of breathing went a long way in comforting her enough to go back to sleep.
Puppies can only hold their bowels for 2 hours or so at a time when they are less than 10 weeks old.
After the first few days, we quickly realized that a regimented schedule was needed for house training. We always kept her on a leash, even indoors (unless she was in her crate), to familiarize her with it. This also made it a lot easier to catch her when she looked like she need to go outside or when she was misbehaving. This might sound kind of gross, but it also helped to leave a few puppy turds around the elimination area so that when she went in for a casual sniff, we could associate our phrase with the smell and the act of elimination. We ALWAYS ignored whining or barking while she was in the crate unless we really thought she had to go outside. As for food bowls, Barley started right off with Jake’s adult-size, very indestructible stainless steel water and food bowls. For those first few weeks, to ease the transition, we mixed mashed boiled carrots or plain pureed pumpkin with a splash of warm water into her kibble.
Plus, in the mornings she gets one scoop of plain full fat yogurt, to give her a healthy, shiny coat and to replenish good bacteria in her teeny little puppy body. We make her sit and stay before feeding her (we had to teach her those commands first of course).

Along with the excitement comes the stress of choosing the right present for your best friend, often times this can be more stressful than gift shopping for friends and family.
She’s made a lot of progress since then, the most obvious example of which is the fact that she is now completely house trained.
She’d whine in the crate at night, have to go outside every hour and a half, and had more than her fair share of accidents indoors. We quickly realized that she was yelping and crying because she had always been around her litter mates.
But on the 3rd week, she graduated to sleeping a full 6 hours, which, as you can imagine, was epically amazing.
All jokes about these soft-spoken, doggie whispering men aside, the Monks of New Skete know. Plus, you’ve got a living, breathing dust buster for bits of food that fall to the kitchen floor at opportune times!
When the time since the last elimination exceeded an hour, we were on alert. If she started sniffing around, we acted fast and got her out the door.
The interruption should distract her enough to make her stop and she will continue outside.
At first, her head was so small that her floppy ears would mop up the food, but she’s grown into them in no time. We’ve also found that adding warm water to kibble helps expedite the bathroom sesh in the morning.
Some days, Barley was so ravenous that she would jump on us to speed up the process and even bark at us (so RUDE).
Use Real Butter recommends cutting shapes out with cookie cutters, but since we wanted to use these treats for training, we decided to make them smaller by just cutting small squares–mini cookies!
To save you some stress and to guarantee your pup the best holiday season possible we put together this guide to puppy present shopping. Being left alone as we all retreated upstairs for bed felt like the pack was leaving her behind.

Eventually, I (Kaitlin) decided to sleep on a mattress on the floor next to her crate for the first week.
Before Barley came home, we prepared Jake’s old crate by reducing it down to puppy size. This really paid off in a few weeks, because Barley now goes to the door, nudges the bell, sits, and waits patiently for someone to take her out. But never discipline your puppy after the fact, because it’s not their fault if they went too long without a trip outside. Imagine how important eye contact and facial expressions are for communicating with someone who cannot talk.
We decided to make homemade puppy training treats for Barley, because they’re much cheaper and very likely healthier. You should be able to see some of the most highly recommended dog toys and which breeds tend to enjoy them most. As a bit of a disclaimer for this post, it’s important to remember that every dog is different and that these are just the experiences of one harried family! With a few well-placed boxes, there was only room enough for her to turn around and lie down.
Our hope is that this makes writing your shopping list a little easier while making it an extra special holiday for your furry companion.
A dog’s individual personality, age, and temperament all play a big part in figuring out effective training methods, but hopefully you can get some insight or at least some much needed empathy from this post! Barley seems to cycle through every puppy problem conceivably known to man, and these books have been indispensable. Good luck to you with little Daisy :) Check out some of our other Barley articles for tips on house training and obedience!

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