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SuperPuTTY supports a feature called layouts, this allows you to open your sessions and layout your screen how you prefer. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged windows-7 superputty or ask your own question. How can I restart Windows 7 and have it reopen all files, email and browsers that were open? In light of the list found in Isaiah 11:1-3, why are there seven gifts of Holy Spirit and not six?
You can connect to the Moonshot iLO CM firmware and start a command line session using the serial port on the rear of the Moonshot 1500 CM module or an SSH session over a LAN. Start PuTTY on the remote machine and enter the host name of the chassis or its IP address. Connect one end of a serial cable to the serial port on the back of the Moonshot 1500 CM module and the other to a laptop or other local machine, and then start PuTTY and choose a serial connection on the local machine.

A small welcome message appears, which displays the Chassis name, host name, and IP address.
NOTE: There may be a short delay while the credentials are processed before the welcome message appears. Enter the show firmware revisions command to see the version information for the chassis firmware. The default DNS name for the Moonshot iLO CM firmware is a concatentation of iLO and the chassis serial number. The Moonshot iLO CM firmware is now ready for further configuration and management commands. The Internet got interrupted for a few minutes, which cause my SSH sessions to be disconnected in SuperPuTTY. You can then click File -> Save Layout (CTRL+S), if you have your layouts window open (View -> Layouts) you can double click your saved layout and it will open all sessions you had previously opened in your layout.

This ensures that all IP addresses, gateway addresses, masks, and DNS addresses are assigned automatically as the Moonshot iLO CM firmware connects to your network. Once the chassis is booted and DNS has propogated the name, then you can access the chassis by name (without needing to search for the address via the serial port).
If you're at a friend's house, for example, and you need to access your server for any reason, PuTTY is the best client to download without any hassle.PuTTY is highly recommended for any administrator or anybody who needs an SSH or Telnet client quick.

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