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There was a two year old boy in front of us at church this morning, with this book – Busy Bible ($39). The book is fabric (no noisy pages turning during the quiet-est parts of the service) and each page seemed to have an action or activity. In a quiet, relaxed environment with soft colours and natural materials children play freely with simple wooden toys, handmade rag dolls, play cloths and natures toys; conkers, shells and pinecones.

Indoor parent and toddler sessions are held during term time on Monday and Tuesday afternoons, 1-3pm in the kindergarten at Riggindale Road Methodist Church, Streatham SW16. Next week we will be threading natural objects: leaves, berries, seed pods etc so please do bring what you have gathered over the weekend to help us celebrate Autumn. A felt Earth was sliced into pie-shaped section which lifted up to reveal the creatures of God.

Each page has a different activity – placing animals in the Ark, lacing, snapping, buttoning and zipping among other things.

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