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In 2009, a local official from my city and his wife each faced six counts of felony child abuse during what they called a “potty-training war” with their adopted daughter.
As a mother of two small girls, I understand that there is no frustration like that which comes from teaching a small child how to properly use the toilet. On a dark and cold night in December 2010 my frustration over potty training my particularly stubborn 2-year-old, Lucy, reached a boiling point. Toilet training an obstinate child can make one feel a little like Bruce Banner—just waiting for the last straw to break before turning into The Hulk. I tried to calm down and think about the stress-relieving techniques I was taught during my brief time in the Army. In the most fruitless of attempts, I captured my prey and sat her in the appropriate position for more than an hour.
I must admit that the picture on the front cover did nothing to dissuade me from the belief that this was a hoax, an impossible task set up only for hippy-mommas who pranced around naked all day with their babies in golden fields of barley. Bauer presents a picture that makes sense to me–babies are born with the innate need to be held, to feed and to eliminate after feeding. Over the half the world’s babies are potty trained by 1 year old (Pediatrics Magazine). In 2011, a Dallas mother was arrested for gluing her daughter’s hands to the wall during a potty-training incident.
A new crusade has been launched, this time against a most stubborn and worthy opponent, nearly 3-year-old Lucy. After keeping vigil for hours with no results, I made the mistake of bathing with the enemy. After a long stretch of surveillance work, I caught her preparing her stance to unleash some new hell upon the land. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it.” Lucy, my youngest, now handles potty time even better than her older sister (who still occasionally forgets to flush). This article originally appeared in the August 2012 print edition of RAISING ARIZONA KIDS magazine.

More than 400 day camps around the Valley and 50-plus overnight camps in Arizona, California and around the country. In the Western World it has become known as elimination communication (EC), natural infant hygiene, infant potty training, or diaper free. Yet, Bauer, claimed that what she was proposing was far from new and even possible for Western mothers who live in carpeted areas with friends and family who would not appreciate their babies peeing on their floors. I discovered websites, blogs, youtube videos, bought an infant potty (they make them??), thanks to a friend joined a facebook support group (I know–hilarious, right??).
We tried sitting her on the potty for extended periods of time, offering encouragement and M&M’s as tinkle incentives.
I took away her blanket, her sippy cup and her safety net of a Pull-Up and told her she could have them back if she pooped on the potty.
After all, the last thing I wanted was for her to think the toilet is scary or the bathroom is the part of the house where Mommy turns into a wild, raging lunatic.
As she so far has thwarted my efforts to see her express her waste in a proper latrine, I stand ready, patiently biding my time until I can catch her in the most terrible of acts. After I left the shower and Lucy found herself alone, and under the conciliatory noise of the blow dryer, she unloaded the compliment of her bowel and, like a chimpanzee, opened the door and presented me with the material in her hand, in an ultimate show of defiance. I leapt forward, grabbed her and began to run to the designated “safe zone.” Instead of the shock and awe of my ambush causing her to refrain from firing, she unloaded her arsenal down my leg and was out of ammo by the time we arrived. Peace treaties are now under way; our side extended the olive branch of blankets, milk and a cookie before naptime. It got to the point where if I made too many regular posts to my Facebook page, friends would get restless and ask when the next Captain’s Log entry would appear.
With all of the accidents, extra laundry, crying and overall grossness that come with the parental right of passage that is potty training a child, my stress could have reached a breaking point. Something I discovered about six months before my daughter was born that I didn’t think would actually work, yet does. Thanks to Nina Planck (author of Real Food For Mothers and Babies–a book I highly recommend for any woman who is breastfeeding, pregnant, or hoping to conceive) I discovered this form of toilet training.

Initially, I was armed with little more than Bauer’s book and the belief (or more simply, the hope) that maybe I could do this. I began to build a network for myself and gather tools that I would need to actually do this in a carpeted house, in a car-riding family, in a no-your-baby-can’t-be-naked-all-the-time world. When did that happen?) Yesterday we road the bus, went to the library for baby story-time, visited with a friend, had lunch out, road the bus back home, took a nap and hung out at the house. Hopefully, we will catch her in the act of bombardment, and will attempt to rehabilitate on contact. Other friends who were going through similar situations at home appreciated the different outlook and would tell me their own stories, recounting them with humor instead of frustration.
Instead, I found support and laughter and leaned on my comrades-in-arms, my Band of Brothers, my village.
My husband followed her around the house, waiting for her to make “the face.” I watched Dr. I think Lucy felt like her soul would be flushed down the toilet along with her waste if she were to give in to my demands.
I made short, humorous quips about my potty-training progress (or lack thereof) in the voice of a soldier going to war. I am, among other things, a wife, a mother, an explorer, a dancer, an actress, a lover of books, a teacher, a student, a cook, a Weston A. Mothers (or father, grandparents, village elders) than respond to the babies cue by holding them over a receptacle (toilet, bowl, dirt floor) and making a hissing, or shushing noise (hence the title of this post). That it would be totally worth it, and that it was working despite laundry, laundry, laundry. Because they looked forward to my entries, I could anticipate my bathroom encounters with Lucy in a much happier light.

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