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The question we need to deal with is not how to creat “real” renderings of people and places for our entertainment media, but what happens when we do?
A recent SCA Critical Studies PhD graduate, Allison De Fren, has directed a couple of very interesting documentaries on this subject in conjunction with a written dissertation. Her recently completed feature documentary, The Mechanical Bride, is not yet in widespread distribution, but has screened at festivals and conferences. Many of the women involved have an especially strong passion for the stage of mothering babies and this is a method to keep this stage permanently in their lives. Sometimes, women who have lost a newborn have commissioned artists to make a reborn doll that looks exactly like their deceased baby. Israeli artist Barak Ashraf has created an adorable illustration that features a young kraken who is happily playing and training for its destructive future. Subscribe to the Laughing Squid email list and receive a daily email with all of the blog posts published each day.

We've had teachers tell us that students are so interested they sign up for their classes just to get a baby. Both films offer an intelligent, sensitive investigation of the lines between human and non-human and the eroticization of technology in human form. They are constructed and weighted to feel like infants, which includes a head that must be supported while in one's arms.
There is a wide range of personal stories and motivations for being involved in this community.
RealCare Baby is the only infant simulator with wireless programming and reporting capabilities.
They have really become a great discussion piece for choosing to parent or building their resumes for jobs. They are the most powerful objects I have ever worked with, I am struck by the strong and palpable emotional reactions they produce.

Some create or collect these dolls because they cannot continue to give birth to living babies, or have lost a child, or cannot have one of their own.
They provoke the dominant biological instinct to nurture and the entire spectrum of human behavior. Some women admire the art form and are doll collectors, others create nurseries in their homes and integrate the babies as part of their families and lives.

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