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Whenever searching online for information about Toilet training readiness, I usually come across a generic list of a€?readiness signsa€? that lacks depth in my opinion.
Alona Oren:Family Consultant certified by "Maagalim" Psychology Institute and the Ministry of Education (Israel) * Parenting Facilitator certified by Adler Institute and the Ministry of Education (Israel)Alona bases her work widely on the Adlerian psychology school (see Adlerian psychology--Wikipedia), and combines other approaches such as behavioral - cognitive psychology and Imago Relationship Therapy. Question:Do you normally recommend waiting until the child shows signs of toilet training readiness?
Question:Youa€™ve said here that one of the things wea€™d like to see in our childa€™s behavior that indicates maturity for potty training is the ability to withhold or postpone gratification. Question:One of the things that I had experienced with my two older kids before they were potty trained, was that theya€™d never told me about having a wet or dirty diaper. So Ia€™ve decided to take it up for discussion with Alona Oren, a professional parenting consultant with whom I had an extensive interview about toilet training.
Also, is there a certain max age that youa€™d recommend not to pass when starting potty training?

Is it OK for the parent to initiate the training regardless of readiness-signs?Answer:I think that there has to be some maturation on the childa€™s part. Ideally, hea€™ll tell the parent when he needs to go (this one has to do more with Cognitive readiness).Has to be able to sit on a potty or potty training seatHas to be able to remove his diaper or underwear, and have some independence in dressing-up.
It goes to having, as much as possible, a "clean environment" in regard to the parent-child relationship before we start potty training.
Ita€™s possible that some kids are in general less sensitive or less aware to hygiene education. Because if there are emotional issues in the background, they are likely to come up and interfere with the toilet training.
Until I see the desired changes in my child's behaviorAnswer:I think it should go in parallel.
So for me, I think that if I had waited for this particular 'cognitive sign' to appear, I might have waited another year or so to start potty training.

You can take potty training as a wonderful opportunity to build your parenting-model in the way that you want it to be, and to build effective relationship with your child. Relationship that include setting expectations from your side.You dona€™t need to postpone or hold off potty training for that, just be aware of it and put thought into it. Parents can a€?leveragea€? it and work it to the advantage of toilet training.When a child this age is not motivated to act like a big boy, and especially if hea€™s acting against it, there usually will be a reason behind it and I recommend parents to look more deeply into that.
Otherwise, this might cause setbacks in toilet training and in other educational matters.For instance, there could be some emotional issue in the background, in the relationship with the parents, which causes the child to think a€?ita€™s not worth it to me to step upa€?, or a€?Ia€™d rather have mom-dad do this thing for me instead of doing it on my owna€?.

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